How Our Thoughts Affect Vibration

Thoughts Affect Vibration

Discover how to raise your vibration and frequency by claiming your power and learn how to be more conscious of choosing your thoughts to manifest what you truly want. Because it has been proven that everything is energy – including thoughts, words, and everything we consider tangible in the world – and energy is merely different rates of vibration, then everything around us is essentially vibration.

When you think about whether or not you want things around you to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you naturally will say ‘I want good things.” This video explores how your collective thoughts and the words you use affect your personal vibrational levels and energy fields whether positive, neutral or negative.

The demonstration in the latter half of this video explores the power of thoughts and words by showing how higher vibrations increase with positive thoughts and expand one’s energy field. In turn, low vibrations occur with negative thoughts and shrink those same auric fields, and this experiment is quite remarkable to see in action.


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