5 Signs You’re Making Progress in Daily Meditations

daily meditations

Meditation has been used for many centuries in effort to raise the resonance of love and consciousness within the Being, to heal, and to foster the Mind Body Spirit connection. Admittedly, I’m still relatively new to meditation, and as an arguably ‘high-strung’ individual learning to embrace the practice took several weeks. After just a few months of committed and focused daily practice meditating with crystals and stones, I began noticing slight shifts in my:

  • View of the world around me.
  • Self-analysis and sense of self-worth.
  • Understanding of universal energy.
  • Ability to attract like-minded individuals.
  • Manifestation abilities as a co-creator God/Goddess.

Not only did I notice the transformation of my energetic resonance and feel the strong positive vibes, but so did others. I have more energy, am more friendly and relaxed, and far less reactive than ever before. Here are a few indications that may reveal you’re your meditation periods are heading into deeper levels.

1. Posture Improvements

As you become more aware of your breathing technique, you’ll likely take more notice of your posture, particularly if you meditate in the seated position. These posture improvements tend to become more natural to you at all times as you begin to have a deeper understanding of how the body grounds one to the early plane. Posture affects energy levels and mood, opens up the lungs for deeper soul-breathing, and helps open the chakras for healing and balancing. Good posture a vital part of staying physically balanced and maintaining a positive mental state, which further augments one’s manifestation abilities.

Meditation2. Enhanced Concentration

Mindful meditation is one of the best techniques for improving concentration levels, and recent studies have also shown that mindful meditation reduces stress and anxiety, too. A common challenge faced by beginners is learning to maintain concentration and focus, as the active mind tends to wander. While it is indeed thrilling to ‘see’ orbs, colors, shapes, or to have a mind-bending experience, it’s important to stay focused on your initial intentions. I often set my subsequent meditation’s intentions to focus on an experience I had in previous sessions that I would like to revisit and explore deeper.

3. Greater Awareness of Actions and Choices

You also will likely notice that you are paying more attention to what’s happening in the outside world, as meditation has a tendency to make you slow down and mindfully notice the beauty in the world around you. Not only will you become more aware of your actions, words, and choices, but you’ll have a greater understanding of their role in your ability as co-creator of your own reality. Meditation helps one realize that they indeed have choices, and you may feel yourself making more conscious, creative, and controlled responses in your daily life.

4. Interesting Experiences Occur in Meditative States

Do you feel a sense of rhythm in your breathing? Perhaps slight shifts in your heartbeat as the body’s subtle movements fall into synchronicity? With every breath, the rhythm in the body is changed, and one’s entire being often feels lighter as distorted frequencies are transformed into the radiance of love. With practice, your ‘regular’ breathing will become attune with any existing disharmonic vibrations; however, you’ll possess the knowledge and techniques to exhale those imbalances and inhale joy, energy, and love.

You may also have vivid, powerful dreams, see moving lights, orbs, or patterns and begin sensing yourself more at peace as one with all things. Many begin to show signs of enlightenment, as their conscious and subconscious become attuned, willing receivers of universal information and insights. Some even connect with spiritual guides, Gods/Goddesses, while discovering the powerful creator within themselves. These are all clues that lend themselves to confirming progression in meditation, and these ‘interesting’ experiences may become more common as you master additional skill sets within the practice.

 Daily Meditations5. A Greater Sense of Calmness…and Dissatisfaction

Progressions in daily meditations don’t occur in a linear or constant fashion, and there is no way to predict what will happen in these states. Some days you may struggle to maintain focus and have a sense of dissatisfaction with your session. Other times, a state of calmness may suddenly overwhelm you, leaving you relaxed, decompressed, and free of pain – you may be hesitant to end your period of meditation!

Interestingly, it’s not unusual for you to have revelations about yourself or others during meditation, and these may be realities that you are dissatisfied with and desire to change. While it may make you feel a sense of dissatisfaction, these realizations allow you to empower yourself to manifest and create those changes.

Tips for Progress in Meditation

  1. Relax – Don’t worry about your progress!
  2. Flow – Ride the ups and the downs, enjoy the experience.
  3. Expect Nothing – Let it be what it is.
  4. Don’t Try – See #’s 1 and 2!
  5. Embrace the Experience – Whether you feel as though your mediation was ‘good’ or could have been better, just don’t worry about it. See #3 and work with what arises.

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