Amber Kashmir Essential Oil—Awaken Your Voice and Mental Clarity

Amber Kashmir Oil

Amid the translations of the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara Amber Kashmir (ambar kashmir) is noted as a sacred oil that was commonly used to honor the powerful Neter Thoth and to promote health of the thyroid gland within the throat. The Hindu religion viewed this energy center of the body as the Fifth Chakra or Throat Chakra that is considered the mental body and one’s control over speech. While the perspectives slightly differ, the Egyptians also held the belief that words were not only important themselves, but so were the frequencies their sounds make.

The ancients inherently sensed that amplifying these wavelengths using sounds and harmoniously compatible oils and stones could connect one with universal wave patterns and all the knowledge they entailed. Hence, the association again with Thoth, a force of nature believed to be the ‘author’ of all worldly and divine knowledge, a conduit for infinite powers, and a mystic sage. The Egyptian’s purportedly utilized amber kashmir oil as an offering, a fragrance, and topically to unlock the power and energetic forces of Thoth. In doing so, users often find themselves more comfortable in speaking their truth, embracing their personal power and finding greater clarity in mental thoughts overall.

The Throat Chakra and Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly shaped organ situated in the base of the neck that controls metabolism and releases hormones. It controls the way the body utilizes energy and regulates a number of essential body functions including breathing, heart rate, body weight, central nervous and peripheral nervous systems, menstruation, body temperature and muscle strength. By using Amber Kashmir oil to cleanse, activate and balance the throat chakra, one can promote greater energy flow amid the thyroid gland to promote overall health and wellness.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Amber Kashmir Oil

Amber Kashmir both calms the mind and elevates the mood with its captivating aroma. Studies have shown that alpha, beta, and theta brain waves relax during aromatherapy with amber kashmir, making it a top choice for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or struggling with insomnia. This oil stops the fear of self-expression and helps boost confidence so users can talk frankly in conversation. Amber Kashmir essential oil is excellent for those looking for greater mental freedom concerning creativity in words, writing and artistic endeavors.

Health and Body Benefits of Amber Kashmir Essential Oil

Issues of the Throat, Mouth and Teeth — Coughing, stuttering, TMJ, oral infections, hoarseness, mouth ulcers and other related conditions are common physical symptoms of throat chakra imbalances. Certain aspects of these can often be relieved with amber kashmir oil, particularly when inhaled, applied topically to pressure points and targeted areas or ingested (under supervision of a professional).

Inflammation and Pain — The amber resin in this oil is an exceptional analgesic and anti-septic making it ideal for superficial wounds, bites, and sore, stiff muscles. It helps relieve pain by improving blood circulation and also helps alleviate inflammation.

Heart Health — As amber kashmir oil helps improve circulation and balance the heart and throat chakras, many users report greater heart health, fewer palpitations and less overall stress that can lead to heart attacks—a top health threat!

Boost Libido — The sultry and relaxing smell of amber kashmir oil seems to appeal to receptors in the brain that improve sexual appetite. Amber oil itself is used to balance the base chakra/testes/ovaries and can be beneficial in sexual reproduction efforts and hormone balancing.

Skin and Hair — Properties within this oil have been shown to help regenerate skin growth, hence its use in many serums and creams designed as anti-aging products. A few drops smoothed evenly through damp hair can bring sheen and smoothness and a dab on the nails can moisturize dry cuticles and brittleness.

Spiritual Uses of Amber Kashmir Oil

Amber Kashmir OilAs one uses amber kashmir over time to awaken their inner power of Thoth, they can become masters at shielding from negative energies and feelings while falling into greater senses of harmony, alignment and balance. This sacred oil honors the natural force of truth and its ability to free one from all things hurtful from the past. It helps one understand that greater truth is only way to manifest our truest desires and to fully serve our purpose amid the collective head on and with confidence.

Popular Ways to Use Amber Kashmir Essential Oil

You can create your own Amber Kashmir oil blends and enjoy aromatherapy anywhere, anytime! Dilute essential oils prior to use, and be sure to properly store them for preservation purposes.

Direct Inhalation / Cupping from the Hands / Aromatherapy Inhalers / Nebulizers / Spritzers / Roller Bottles / Steam Distribution / Ultrasonic Diffusers / Massage Oils / Candles / Perfumes / Bath Oils / Soaps / Scrubs / Internally in Foods and Drinks / Capsules / Suppositories / Oil Pulling

Essential Oils and Stones to Use with Amber Kashmir Oil

Everyone’s reactions are different to essential oils and the practice of aromatherapy, so do what works for you. Let intuition and experience guide your journey when using essential oils.

While everyone has their own idea of what smells nice, some other essential oils that are commonly infused with Amber Kashmir essential oil for healing include:

Patchouli, Sandalwood, Veviter, Frankincense, Labdanum, Benzoin, Musk, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Pine, Rose and Clove.

Combining the remarkable healing powers of pure Egyptian Amber Kashmir Oil with a companion stone can amplify your efforts to balance and restore the throat chakra. Some of our favorite stones and crystals to pair with Amber Kashmir Oil include:

Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Imperial Jasper, Labradorite, Azurite, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Chrysocolla, and Larimar.

Use Only the Highest Quality Pure Essential Oils

When using essential oils for topical use or ingestion, use only pure essential oils that are properly diluted. After all, the human body isn’t designed to properly process synthetic oils, so stick with essential oils that are crafted from natural sources, such as the Amber Kashmir Essential Oil amid our line of pure, unadulterated Sacred Egyptian Oils™.

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