Can Cannabis Improve Meditation


Cannabidiol, or popularly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid compound present in the marijuana plant. Cannabis is gaining popularity for the last few years. It is legal in most parts of the United States. New York legalized Cannabis in 2014. Talking about therapy, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Yoga and meditation are bound to have a calming effect on your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. There are a few places in the United States where Cannabis is given to clients before meditation for an even more soothing experience.

While there are arguments both for and against, there is research that indicates how Cannabis has anti-anxiety, healing, and various anti-inflammatory qualities. It is important to note, however, that Cannabis is not precisely a shortcut to meditation. It is merely a facilitator of transporting you to an entirely different world. There are various top Sativa strains of 2020, which are proof enough that Cannabis, when consumed in moderate quantities, can lead to the consumer having an improved meditative experience.

Here are a few points that are worth noting as far as the role of Cannabis is concerned to improve meditation experience. It is primarily because Cannabis is proven to relax, decrease stress, and improve mental and emotional wellbeing.


Consumption of Marijuana for Meditating:

Cannabis has a different effect and impact on other people. There are various methods which can be used to consume Cannabis. However, smoking and vaping is the best and the quickest way to experience impact. The effect of edibles may take some time to kick in and is, therefore, not advisable.

Cannabis May Elevate Your Mood Before Meditation:

As per the experience of various users and studies, it’s clear that CBD promotes a relaxed mood and helps promote awareness and thoughts of staying calm. It is also said to make people stay in the moment while doing meditation for the best experience. Vaping can enable the users to reach the state of mind, which they so precisely desire. Therefore, instead of opting for edible Cannabis sources, you must opt for vaping as a method of consumption.

Cannabis May Elevate Anxiety / Stress That May Occur During Meditation:

Cannabis has properties that improve the state of mind of the one meditating. If you are stressed or facing anxiety, then adding Cannabis to your meditative routine is the key. However, all the novices must keep certain points in mind. It is worth considering that the euphoric power present in these strains may have a different impact on different people. Hence you must not over-do the substance and try getting rid of all the paranoia and associated anxiety.


Cannabis May Increase Your Ability To Focus:

The effects of Cannabis are extremely grounding, and whether you are a novice or an experienced user of marijuana, it will increase the level of your consciousness and focus irrespectively. If you’re in some kind of pain or are suffering from injury, then Cannabis will divert your mind from the pain and will enable you to relax. The duality of mind will facilitate the experience of meditation. In fact, under the correct administration of marijuana, you’ll enter a calm state of mind. What else can you ask for? A calm mind, rejuvenating experience and a fresh zone for your mind.

CBD Strains For An Improved Meditative Experience:

Lamb’s Bread is a strain that can provide positive vibes along with its earthy and balmy aroma. Blue Dream, on the other hand, is one of the favourites of various Cannabis-consuming enthusiasts. This blueberry-flavoured hybrid provides for full-body relaxation. However, if you are looking for an even more intense experience via Cannabis, then Girl Scout Cookies are strains that can help you achieve the desired results. This is a type of strain that can lead to muscle relaxation, helping you do away with multiple tension fades. Another strain called AK-47 (while it may sound too violent) can further facilitate a serene and peaceful mindset when consumed before heading for meditation.


Meditation, as a process, is something that takes time and includes a lot of effort. Therefore, as meditating, you must be patient and extract maximum benefits from the experience. While Cannabis consumption before meditation is good for elevating a calm state of mind, one must not expect magic out of it. You need to be patient, as CBD is a complex compound. At once, you may not be able to experience the calming effect.

While there are varying angles and opinions about the impact of Cannabis on meditation, certain arguments suggest how consumption of Cannabis strains can lead to a fulfilling meditative experience. Undoubtedly, there is a reflective utility of Cannabis, which is certainly worth a try. Whether you are practising wellness, mindfulness, or working on your mind, body, and soul development, you must give pairing Cannabis and meditation a thought.


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