Citrine: A Stone of Luck, Wealth and Creativity


Citrine is known for being one of the luckiest stones out there — it’s a true gem that will help you manifest positive energy in all realms of your life! If you’re ready to master your talents and increase your luck, this meditation exercise with Citrine will brighten your day — and get you on track to greatness.

Nicknamed the ‘merchant’s stone’, Citrine is a magnet for material and spiritual wealth. As a stone that resonates with the Sacral Chakra, Citrine will give you an energetic boost and brighten your outlook, all while shielding you from depressive energies. It’s an ideal stone for anyone struggling to create their own success or believe that they deserve happiness. As a stone that’s also perfect for artists, writers and entrepreneurs, Citrine gives off that ‘spark’ you need to be inventive, inspired and a stand-out in the crowd.


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