Find Your Passion, Change Your Life: Fire Crystals

Fire Crystals

Are you stuck in a rut and seeking change? Do you have ambition and drive, but little direction? If so, Fire crystals are perfect for you. These vibrant, powerful crystals increase our passions, heighten our drives, and allow us to set realistic, promising goals. Fire is a masculine element and stimulates our Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, allowing us to transform our will into positive energy, energy into action, and action into creativity. This process, in turn, creates a powerful sense of self that drives us to be stronger, self-confident, and aware of our limitations and how to exceed them.

Fire crystals resonate with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, all 12 Zodiac signs can benefit from the healing nature of Fire crystals–Water, Air and Earth signs can better connect with the power and warmth of their inner Fire energy by using Fire crystals as psychic aids. Ruby allows us to build our confidence; Yellow Sapphire facilitates warmth and creativity; and Vesuvianite asks us to accept change. Read on to learn how you can access your inner Fire sign and boost your creativity, confidence and charisma.


Fire CrystalsRuby’s dramatic, intense shades of red parallel the enterprising, unapologetic nature of Aries, the first Fire sign. Ruby allows us to be assertive and passionate, to speak our minds as naturally as Aries does, and to disregard the negativity and judgment of others. Holding a piece of Ruby will quell frustrations during times of low activity and listlessness, inspiring us to take action and agency over our own lives and destinies.

Unpolished Ruby: an affordable alternative to polished Ruby

Finding your Inner Aries:  Carry or hold a piece of unpolished Ruby to illuminate your inner ‘spark’, especially during high pressure business or social situations. If you have a difficult time asserting yourself, Ruby’s vibrant energy will instill you with a dose of Aries’ classic confidence. Ruby will provide strength and illumination for those who suffer from a ‘victim’ mentality and cannot take charge of their lives.

Thoughts for meditation with Ruby:  How can I become my most authentic self? What does my heart desire–and are my desires realistic?

Yellow Sapphire

Fire CrystalsRuled by warm and energetic Leo, Yellow Sapphire emits joy in the midst of dark days. Like Leo, the ‘star’ of the Zodiac, Yellow Sapphire can provide us with humor and inspiration in the bleakest of settings. Leo has the natural desire to perform and take center stage; his leadership skills are second nature to him. Wearing Yellow Sapphire will allow you to shine while avoiding the pitfalls of arrogance–just like Leo at his finest. Meditating with Yellow Sapphire will allow you to access power of the Heart Chakra, over which Leo rules, so others will naturally be drawn to your authority without you having to aggressively assert it.

Yellow SapphireFind your Inner Leo:  Wear a Yellow Sapphire pendant to inspire confidence and creativity in your life. For artists and performers, wearing Yellow Sapphire during rehearsals and shows will emphasize natural talents and a charisma that will increase your appeal to judges and the public. Yellow Sapphire’s Leonine qualities allow for a feel good, ‘can-do’ attitude that is especially helpful for those stuck in a difficult job or relationship.

Thoughts for meditation with Yellow Sapphire:   How can I increase my creativity in every day life? What qualities do I have that allow me to influence my environment and increase productivity?


Fire CrystalsVesuvianite, a yellow-green stone ruled by Sagittarius, will allow you to mentally expand and explore without fear. Vesuvianite picks up on Sagittarian qualities like optimism, a thirst for adventure, and a desire to explore life’s diversities. At times, we all may struggle with feeling we have missed great opportunities that exist somewhere over the horizon. Vesuvianite allows us to have the courage to seek change when it is appropriate to do so. This stone can be worn to discover personal truths and align these truths with the heart’s mission.

Green Vesuvianite

Find your Inner Sagittarius:   Meditate with Vesuvianite placed in between the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras–here, the stone can act as a fulcrum point to balance out these energies, which yields self-awareness and decreases impulsiveness. For those desperate to embark on a new journey, whether it is moving or entering a new relationship, Vesuvianite builds courage and clarity of thought to allow for smooth, positive transitions.

Thoughts for meditation with Vesuvianite:   What am I most afraid of when I think of ‘change’? How can I conquer my fears to explore new walks of life?

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