Yin and Yang Energies – Analyzing the Meaning of the Tao


Unless you’ve spent most of your life existing in one of the many alternate universes, you’ve likely seen more than one tattoo, T-shirt, sticker, or jewelry of the Yin and Yang symbol gracing a passerby. Living in Houston I see this all the time, and have found myself tempted (OK maybe I did go there) to ask the adorner just exactly what the Yin and Yang symbol means.

The Basics of Yin and Yang Principles

Meditation-12bSeems that most people have a basic concept of the meaning of Yin and Yang, and those that know this much are still somewhat impressive and do have the right to sport the ink. While the blackly hued Yin represents darkness, moon, feminine, shade, rest, earth, matter, and so on, the lighter hued Yang represents the polarities of light, sun, masculine, brightness, Heaven, energy, etc. Yin and Yang are on opposite ends of a cycle, they cannot exist without each other. Hence, the classic statement, “Yin creates Yang and Yang activates Yin.

Yin and Yang Energies on a More Profound Level

Here’s where it gets a little deeper; the mutual consumption of Yin and Yang can be arguably compared to two individuals in a bad relationship. Mutual consumption occurs when the harmonious change of energies becomes imbalanced– and one can literally consume or weaken the other. This might be also relatable to that zapped or frazzled feeling after encountering an Energy Vampire. Inter-transformation, is when energy makes a balanced transfer into the other as is should, represented in our universe as one moment in time becomes another – how the seasons change – but only when the time has arrived along the path. When these aspects of the Yin and Yang relationship are in balance, your vibrations are raised and your seven chakras will communicate stronger strengthening your connection with the Universe. This harmonious existence, according to Taoist Principles, is the key to justice and order around and within us. Imbalances in perpetuation lead to suffering and chaos. This makes a lot of sense as you understand how these polar energies work and flow together within the human consciousness.

Meditation-12aWhat Does the Symbol of the Yin and Yang Represent?

With the principles of Yin and Yang energies covered on a simplistic level, the symbology within the sign seems appropriate. The outer circle represents creation itself, God, the All-it-is, however one believes; it is never ending with no beginning or end and is perfection. The interlocking swirls represent the constantly changing dance of matter that comprises the whole of creation. The dots inside each swirl represent the presence of the opposite energy that is carried within each polarity, reminding us that a human being’s consciousness is comprised of these opposing energies – just as in the Cosmos. Some might say that this is why we are created in God’s image, while others may see the Yin and Yang symbol more as a representation that our consciousness really contains all of these energies. The male and female energies should work and remain in balanced proportions to attain physical and mental health, prosperity, and attain oneness with our spiritual existence, according to the principles of the Tao. All of our Quantum Stone Pendants are designed to balance and harmonize the mind/body/spirit, and many stones to consider for specifically balancing the male female energies include Red Jasper and Green Aventurine.

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