Fight the Good Fight – Battle Negative Energies and Reclaim Your Soul

Negative Energies

Do ever just feel like you aren’t YOU anymore? Do you find yourself thinking thoughts and saying things that just aren’t who you are deep in your soul? Or as though you have lost control of your very essence and are literally being controlled by some dark, covert, 4th-dimensional force? I certainly have felt that way – yet I wasn’t aware AT ALL what what happening to me at that time, nor was anyone around me.

Some called it moodiness, bipolar, depression, anger issues, and sometimes it was labeled down-right bitchiness…loved ones attempted to ‘help’ me with therapy and drugs and other ‘treatments’ that did nothing but further open me up to what was possessing my body, my soul, and my spirit – what I now understand and can acknowledge were negative entities.

Negative sentients can haunt one for years, seeping in through ‘blind spots’ and hiding within those ‘gray’ areas most often caused by fears, hurts, anger, unhealthy relationships, depression, and drug and alcohol use. Recognizing their presence is the first step to healing and freeing the spirit; however, there is no ‘quick fix’ for removal, rather it’s a process…

All You Need to Win the War is Within You

You can battle entities by seeing a spiritual healer of sorts; however, these ‘removals’ typically provide only temporary reprieves. Until you work out the issues you are harboring in the the core of your soul, you will remain a vulnerable target for negative sentients of all sorts. The darker and deeper your core issues are, the darker and more malevolent that sentient may be.

Similar to the way people take a religious sacrament or undergo a ritual to be ‘saved’ you can indeed save yourself in a similar fashion. Joining a religion calls for one to ‘surrender all’ to their savior or deities…and in this realm, all one must do is simply surrender to the power of the universe while embracing their own.

Once you relinquish all fears, doubts, insecurities, and internal conflicts within yourself, you raise your vibrations, activate the chakras, and strengthen your shielding aura, which can render negative entities powerless to feed off your energies. Healing and empowering the self is the only way to permanently remove negative entities and prevent further attacks.

Negative Energies

Further Steps to Shield Against and Remove Negative Entities

  • Keep your mind body and spirit in top form through eating organic foods and consuming purified water.
  • Ensure you are wholly mineralized with a supplement like calcium montmorillonite clay, which is also a gentle daily detox to help cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Release old relationship bonds, addictions, controlling tendencies, and all conceived self-limitations.
  • Get ample exercise…a strong body provides a powerful shield.
  • Avoid mind-numbing prescription and recreational drugs and alcohol. Use extreme caution with hallucinogenics, as entities love sneaking in the back door when one is between realms and are drawn to such states of mind.
  • Carry protection stones and crystals on your person. Create crystal grids in areas where you feel most vulnerable to psychic attacks.
  • Consider saging your home, cleansing your crystals, and recharging your home environment.
  • Reduce your exposure to even artificial negative energies by limiting time spent on the Internet, watching television, or playing video games.
  • Be mindful of your energy and leave any scenario in which you feel your energy being drained.
    Stay joyful, happy, and do and say everything with pure love – this leaves the entity nothing left to feed on.
  • Embrace the support of like-minded individuals and empaths, who can help illuminate negative sentients being harbored in your field.
  • Meditate daily and create a protective shield around your aura. Proclaim your freedom from negative entities AND negative energies.

Last but not least – one of the most powerful tools you have is your own voice! Set daily intentions, affirmations, and proclamations in addition to shielding. Consider including phrases such as:

Anything interfering with my free will choice, whether placed in my being with or without my permission, remove it now and I choose to be whole…and reconnected and aligned in Perfection as I was created to be…
At this time I ask that any Souls or darkness attached to my Soul be called forth. I free you with love and honor and acknowledge this darkness as a part of my journey. I choose now to replace that darkness with unconditional love and pure light as I progress in my journey…

As you can see – there’s no all-in-one, quick-fix solution. However, the tools are already within you to reclaim your power and keep negative sentients at bay. The key is to work on your own ‘stuff’ – to let go of attachment to trapped emotions, and most of all – be patient, kind, and loving to yourself.

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