Getting Grounded: Transform Your Life with Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian, a special stone

As an intuitive counselor, I’ve worked with individuals who have harbored self-destructive feelings and a fixation on the past. In my practice, I discovered that Black Obsidian, a special stone formed from cooled lava, helps us look within to see where we need to heal and what we’re running from. In my case, meditating with Black Obsidian revealed just how deeply I was damaging my health by using anger as a mechanism to control everything around me. The pain hiding beneath my anger was illuminated, and I realized how essential it was for me to focus on healing myself by accepting others’ actions without taking them personally.

Black Obsidian packs a powerful punch — this stone reveals all, even the truths we don’t necessarily wish to see. However, through working with this stone, I’ve seen revolutionary transformations within others and myself. Testing out the powers of Black Obsidian for yourself will take you on a journey to discovering your truth as you release the past and move toward a brighter future.

Black Obsidian

Benefit #1: Letting Go of the Past 

In order for new doors to open in our lives, other doors must close — more specifically, doors to the past. Letting go of the past allows us to release harmful self-judgements holding us back from happiness, success and freedom. Meditating with Black Obsidian will quickly cleanse you of negative ties to your past. The stone’s high intensity vibrations act as a recalibrating force on the auric fields and energy levels, bringing us back to the root of who we really are — revealing to us our deepest desires and all that we need to change. This simple meditation exercise to use with Black Obsidian will free you from the burden of emotional trauma.

  1. First, rinse off your stone. Then, sit in a quiet space. Relax. Breathe in and out deeply 10 times.
  2. Next, lie down and place a piece of Black Obsidian at the base of your spine, near your tailbone (the Root Chakra). Feel the stone’s cleansing energy circulating throughout every part of your body, clearing all energetic blockages.
  3. As you lie still, envision a root emerging from the stone, connecting your body to the earth. Repeat to yourself: I am grounded and powerful.
  4. When you feel secure in your space, visualize a memory that has caused you grief or anger. Re-write the details: how would you react if you could re-live this scene a second time? Visualize yourself stepping in as your own best supporter; announce to those that have hurt you that they have your forgiveness. Then, allow the memory to fade from your mind; imagine it being absorbed and locked within the stone, where it can no longer control you.
  5. In the case of one specific person who has caused you pain, imagine a cord extending from their body to yours. Now, using scissors, your hands, or another instrument, envision yourself cutting the cord.
  6. Breathe deeply and exit meditation slowly. Cleanse your stone in water after use.

Benefit #2: Healing Pain, Negativity and Stress 

Black Obsidian also offers unique healing benefits for physical ailments. If you’re unsure about the cause of your pain or illness, gazing into the glossy surface of the stone may reveal the source of your distress. If you have to spend time around someone negative, wear a Black Obsidian pendant and visualize the stone projecting a white forcefield around your body to protect you from dark energy. Snowflake Obsidian, a gentler version of Black Obsidian, can be used by some individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): the stone acts as a grounding force during intense episodes of anxiety, bringing the user back to a place of calm in the present. For insomnia caused by aches and pains, sleep with a shard of Black Obsidian under your pillow for a better night’s rest.

Affirming Your Life’s Purpose

Benefit #3: Affirming Your Life’s Purpose 

Throughout our lives, we’re tasked to be successful, but not to be true to who we are. For those of you struggling to determine your life’s purpose, the reflective surface of Black Obsidian has the potential to reveal more about our inner selves. Enter a state of calm and stare into your stone while reflecting on your passions, your skills and your goals. As a stone of truth, Black Obsidian will reveal the ideal route you should take and the changes you need to make to not only achieve happiness, but to also remain true to your higher self. 

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