Meditation: Achieving Higher Enlightenment & Wellness


Meditation is a process or tool that enables us to experience our most natural state of being. When our thoughts and our ego fade into the background we can experience the truth of what makes us live and breathe; that all encompassing, purely loving energy feeling. When meditating, we can reach a level of self-realization of that purest state of being; the realization and experience of our natural state, and the understanding that the everyday being that we experience is the false one. Meditation is the method that we can use to temporarily achieve this state of true being.

Energy, Meditation, and Our Emotional Health

Without taking the time to mediate on our inner, true selves, our unrestrained thoughts can crush our souls, draining a little more energy from us every day. The noise and chaos of daily living– the arguments, the contentious thoughts—ravage our emotional energy. Our emotional health becomes more impoverished with each negative thought and worries of what other people think of us. It destroys us and eats away at our life force, making us feel weak and vulnerable.

Some humans resist making the effort to evolve their conscious state of being. Have you ever known anyone who has admitted that they are uncomfortable being alone with their thoughts? Anyone who needs to have the television on all the time because they “can’t stand” the quiet? Do you know someone who is always talking, who cannot bear sitting together in silence? For whatever reason, some people prefer to live in a mental state where their mind jumps from thought to thought like a monkey leaping from branch to branch.

Many humans are content to live like this. Sadly, they prefer to experience short-term pleasure in the material world than to look inward for contentment and enlightenment. There are different reasons why some people live like this. They may not be willing to recognize their own inner selves. They may doubt the very existence of their own soul. They may be unable or unwilling to reconcile the existence of an invisible creator with the proof of science they purport to see all around them. Too often, they are simply afraid.

The Cost of Fear

The further we get from our own humanity, the more there is to fear. Being out of touch with ourselves can lead to all sorts of problems in our lives. We may experience anxiety with a sense of impending doom, yet be unable to put our finger on the source. Without meditation, we may never come to know ourselves, making wrong decision after wrong decision. If you know someone like this, or perhaps are that someone yourself, know that there is a path that will lead you out of the darkness of fear, and into the light of understanding.

The State of Being

MeditationThis state of being originates from our creator, the universal state of mind. We don’t mentally understand this state, nor do we need to. It just is. As the planets revolve around the sun, it just is. It simply is life in its living moment. It is your cells living and your heart beating. Your body and soul crave for you to be in this state. The very essence of your being thrives when you are in the state of meditation.

Meditation and the knowledge that can be learned from meditation isn’t some fringe element of society. Scientists are slowly willing to accept meditation as a viable “therapy.” Currently you may hear tentative admissions such as “meditation has some notable benefits in coping with stress”. Though this is hopeful, statements like these only brush like a feather on the actual healing benefits of meditation.

Meditation is not only an option for some people, or a novel exercise to try. It is extremely important that you meditate. Your emotional health is reliant on it. The person that you are, or that you think you are, is just an actor. We all act, in order to make ourselves look good to other people, who are also acting. The person who you think you are is not you. You can find the real you during meditation.

What you Can Gain Through Meditation

In the process of meditating you will feel relaxation and contentment. There is no longer a need to act. You will feel content because in this state you are comfortable experiencing your real self. All humans naturally share this state of contentment and love and awareness, though our egos and personalities make us look different on the outside. There surely is a great treasure for those who learn to meditate; to summon the determination and perseverance to evolve past their normal human desires and wants. One who is able to discover how to be in a state of awareness and peace naturally will be a source of inspiration.

Achieving Emotional Health and Spiritual Peace Through Meditation

MeditationAs you make that journey through meditation, you will receive all the tools and fortitude you need to bear the truth of whatever it is you need to know about yourself and the universe. Through meditation, you can shed the cloak of fear under which you may have been hiding your entire life. You can stand naked before the awesomeness of the infinite universe and know that you are being cradled in warmth, unbridled love and complete acceptance.

During your meditative experience, you will be able to transcend the cares of this earthly existence that all mankind shares. And though it is a temporary state, you will carry your newfound strength back with you as you resume your daily tasks. You will begin to have a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations, your needs and the meaning of your very existence in the universe.

Each human has so much potential and unused energy inside. Man has taken dominion over the entire earth, and yet he still knows so little about himself. The change can begin within you.

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