Living a Dynamic Life Through Spiritual Vibrations

Spiritual Vibrations

In the same way that musical tones are easily audible and quickly distinguishable to the trained ear, spiritual tones give off a specific vibration and can be heard and sensed by the trained listener. When properly used, these vibrations can be utilized to alter states of consciousness, in exactly the same way that different music can change moods. Matching the proper spiritual vibration to the intended audience is an important factor in having it be well received and accepted. A spiritual worker will take those vibrations and use them to help change consciousness, adding their own vibrational note and making the intensity and tone levels as required.

Spiritual VibrationsThe spiritual tones are more subtle than musical tones but can still have dramatic effects on the state of being of an individual person or a group. Musicians utilize rhythm, pitch and other musical aspects to order their vibrations and create the tone they want to portray. In this way, spiritual workers can learn a tremendous amount from musicians, and their use of these techniques to adjust their message they are trying to portray.

In the same way that we have to learn how to properly play a musical instrument to create the sound and tone we want, spiritual aspirants need to practice and learn how to move from simply creating vibrations or sounds to fine tuning to a much more effective note.

There are also other factors that can play into creating the most effective vibrations, where the same tone can have different levels of effectiveness in different cases. In the same way that the screech of a poorly played violin jolts the listener, the wrong vibrations in the wrong setting can have a similar effect. But, put those same vibrations in the right setting, and they can be highly effective.

Mediating the vibrations is an essential component of properly expressing them, as they can be overwhelming and counterproductive if they aren’t – much in the same way that water gives life to plants, but unmediated flood waters will wash them away.

Spiritual VibrationsGrowth doesn’t happen instantly, so the dynamics of spiritual vibrations need to include subtle changes. There may also be forward and backward movement as the growth takes shape, causing an individual to fluctuate from their new state to their old and back again until the balance is found. Effective dynamics of vibrations should imitate this movement. These dynamics also need to offer individuals the choice to receive them freely rather than submit to them.

In a world full of noise, it’s important to appreciate the silence. Noise and chaos redirects our attention and focus. “When we embrace the qualities that silence brings, we can fully appreciate and embrace it, wrapping ourselves in the silence and accepting the vibrations that accompany silence itself,” says Everett Middleton, spiritual writer at NextCourseWork and Australia2Write.

Within silence, we can absorb the vibrations that can help us repair what damage has been done to our senses through the noise of daily life. In a sense, we can only begin to learn how to hear when we listen intently to silence first.

There are many dynamic arcs that are naturally encapsulated within daily life that remind us of the natural flow of change. The changing seasons, for instance, provide a great reminder that the dynamic of change is always around us, happening naturally and gradually.

“Following the natural rhythm and pattern of our own breath, we can begin to see the dynamic arc of intensity at all levels, from strongest to weakest, and we can begin to understand the rhythm of an abstract quality’s dynamic arc,” explains Yoga Blogger at WriteMyX and Brit Student, Judy Barrows.

Practicing these moments of focus and reflection help make it easier to understand, recognize and receive spiritual vibrations. We may even begin to see the effects our own intensity is having outside of us.

Understanding and listening to the subtle differences in vibrations, we can begin to learn how to adjust our own vibrations to make them more effectively received by others. Finding a balance in the level of our vibrational intensity can help us tune them to the right level.

With much practice and time, a spiritual worker can begin sending out powerful and dynamic vibrations, like a beautifully composed symphony of music.

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