6 Ways to Manifest Your Reality: Vibrations and the Law of Attraction

manifest your reality

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

It seems that Mr. Ford was a proponent of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction asserts that every positive or negative event that occurs in your life is attracted by you – that dominating thoughts ultimately manifest your reality.

Thoughts have power and are a form of vibrational energy – because everything is energy! Many look at the Law of Attraction as a result of matching your vibrations to resonate with what you hope to manifest. You bring about what you think about and vibrate. This could be called the Law of Vibration, a foundation of the Law of Attraction.

If you want wealth, love, or success and ‘hope’ for it, the energy and vibration you send to the universe is that you don’t have it. And in the universal energy realm, you reap what you sow. Hence, as we discussed on a previous post about Secrets to Manifest Your Reality, you want to live every day as though you already have what you desire – not in a state of hope.

6 Ways Manifest Your Reality

Want to Manifest Your Reality?

1. Take Henry Ford’s Advice – Restructure Your Thinking

Negative thoughts only serve to reaffirm those beliefs and they are then propelled into the universe. Saying “I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’ll never..etc” are not necessarily truths, but they will likely remain truths until you reframe your beliefs. Consider transforming those aforementioned statements into positive reaffirming statements. “I can’t find Mr./Ms. Right” becomes “I refuse to settle” – you catch the drift.

2. De-clutter Your Life

Toss out the junk that clutters up your life and create an environment that fosters what you want to manifest. Promote your diet goals with a pantry and refrigerator raid, replacing junk with healthy foods. Promote your financial goals by opening up an account where the money will go. Consider buying a bigger bed if a partner is what you seek. These actions help set intentions that let the universe know you are ready as you raise your vibrations and resonate with your goals!

3. Imagine Desires as Realities

Daydreaming allows you to step into an alternate reality. Here is that special place where you can freely ‘see’ what you desire and step into a state of vibrational resonance that harmonizes with those wants. Imagine that you already have it all, vividly see your new life, and discover how these changes are affecting that life in your daydream.

4. You’ve Got to Really Have the Feeling

You are daydreaming about it, and hopefully along with that come the feelings of comfort and joy that you had imagined it would when you conceived the desire. Feelings are thoughts – energy – and have just as much power over your ability to manifest your reality as thoughts. Keep your emotional wellness in mind and note how you feel as you daydream of these ‘realities.’ Are you happy, feeling loved, protected, etc?

5. Kick Negativity to the Curb – All of It

Anything that’s not with you in the quest to manifest your reality is against – yes, this includes the people in your life, too. Certainly, you can’t eradicate your kids from your life but most others you can if you feel they are not supportive of your energies. Energy vampires like that can lower your vibrations and keep you out of sync with your manifestation abilities. This applies to all negativity, not only people. Don’t let anything else that causes negative thoughts to remain a part of your existence for higher vibrations.

6. Are You Sure About That?

Maybe you think you want that big promotion – but do you want to work the long hours that go with it? Maybe you want a partner but cherish your freedom right now. Use those daydreaming and feeling experiences to help you decide whether or not you really, really want what you’re seeking to vibrate with and manifest. If there are aspect of your desires that you are uncomfortable with, either restructure your desire to change it or reevaluate your intentions.

Small shifts in your conscious behaviors, actions, words, and thoughts can help raise your vibrations and help your quest to manifest your reality. Let the Law of Attraction work with you as you work with it, and be prepared to jump on opportunities as the present themselves to you.

Share your story of manifestation success – or tell us how you raise your vibrations and set intentions to manifest your reality.

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