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How Gia’s Quantum Stone Amulet Affected Her As A Psychic And Energy Worker


Today we’re interviewing Gia al Qamar of NJ Tarot and NJ Medium. Madame Gia is a trusted Medium, Psychic, tarot reader, animal communicator, and Reiki Master living in Northern New Jersey. She found herself powerfully drawn to Quantum Stone’s website and, after much deliberation, she snapped up a Scarab Egyptian Amulet with healing Carnelian. It’s now […]

Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – Anne Goetz

Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – Anne Goetz

Because I’m always looking to hone and define the few talents in my possession, I ordered the tiger iron Quantum Stone pendant. According to the website, the tiger iron: Promotes vitality Aids in transitional periods and stress-reduction Fosters creativity Helps  tap into undiscovered talents and passions. A skeptic at heart, I was initially worried about […]

Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – Stephanie

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Week 1: Rose Quartz Solar I received the Solar Rose Quartz pendant on a day that seemingly couldn’t have gotten much more challenging – and I was truly delighted to the point of girly squealing when I realized my dear friend and mentor had bestowed this lovely healing gift upon me. Gingerly and somewhat apprehensively taking […]