Quantum Stone Pendant True Story – K’Lee Banks

True Story

Hi! My name is K’Lee Banks and this is my true story. I’m in the “over 50” crowd, as a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have one son who’s 32, and three daughters, ages 24, 27, and 29; also, one 21-month-old granddaughter and another on the way (due in August!) Hubby Dave and I live in Maine and are now “pet parents” of one dog and six cats!

I have my own home-based custom quilt business (actually, I make quilts, pillows, bags, and other items), with my specialty service of adding imprinted photos. I’m also a writer and educational consultant, as well as a doctoral candidate working on my dissertation.

The Initial True Story Introduction

I belong to several support groups on Facebook that address many of those roles and areas of interest in my life. In one such group—one of my writing groups—I noticed some members discussing these stone pendants and showing pictures of them. I thought they were really pretty, but at that point, I didn’t ask about them specifically, nor check out the link posted to a site for these Quantum Stones.

Then one member started teasing a couple of these same people about “eating dirt” and believing in “mystical quantum stones.”  Well, that got my attention a little more, so I decided I had to investigate the link they had posted about the stone pendants. I was also intrigued enough that I needed to find out what this “eating dirt” thing was all about, because it certainly didn’t sound very appealing!

So, I found the site and did some reading. I tend to be a bit of a skeptic and don’t normally go for “mystical” things like this, due to my conservative Christian upbringing. But I remembered that even my parents used to sell magnetic bracelets for the pain relief aspects, as well as for mental well-being, so I guessed there might be something worth consideration for things of this nature after all.

The Challenge and The Choice

Then a couple oBrazilian Blue Quartz - Source Pendantf my friends in the group who had been talking about the stones challenged me to “try it, you’ll like it”—basically—for 30 days.

Now it’s funny, because I liked the appearance of the Brazilian Blue Quartz (blue is my favorite color) before I even clicked on it to read about what this particular pendant claimed for its inherent qualities. Then when I did—the description addressed many issues that are so “me” right now—to be honest, it spooked me a little bit!

These qualities included the stone’s infused capacity to appeal to my spiritual nature, inspire hope, alleviate fears, and calm the mind. In addition, within the description for quartz was its claim to strengthen both cardiovascular and immune systems. These are all important and relevant issues for me personally.

In addition, the description further identified the Brazilian Blue Quartz as “a stone of tranquility and peace”—that sounded good to me, too—and THEN…the description further detailed how this particular stone pendant could potentially “enhance organizational skills, boost creativity, and reduce feelings of depression” and “help one clearly see and accept reality” and “reduce stubbornness.”  Well, alrighty then…a bit of an “ouch” at the end there, but still relevant in some ways!

All of these inherent qualities and claims convinced me that while I chose this particular stone because I liked its color—perhaps something ELSE attracted me to it, because everything in the description rang true for me, aside from the fact that I didn’t know anything about “chakras” or the right terminology related to them. But I decided that maybe me going into this challenge to wear the stone pendant for 30 days as somewhat of a skeptic, and potentially getting positive results, would be a convincing testimonial!

The Quantum Stone Initiation

So after placing the order, I eagerly waited for the stone pendant to arrive. When it did, I first read all the material that came with it. The directions included the suggestion to have a quiet personal meditation time over the stone, and to set your own personal intentions and declarations while holding or wearing the stone pendant.

Slight detour here, because I also discovered a sample packet of that “dirt” I mentioned earlier, included with the order —and as it turns out, that “dirt” is a nutritional supplement in powder form called TerraMin, which has detoxifying and mineral benefits for an overall cleansing experience. You just mix it with water or juice, and drink it. Doesn’t taste bad and ummm…without going into detail, let’s just say it works as it’s meant to, as a colon cleansing agent!

OK, so, back to the stone pendant…as a Christian, I tend to be leery and skeptical, as I mentioned, about claims of “mystical” or “magical” powers. At the same time, I know there are numerous accounts in the Bible of objects carrying special significance, power, and/or anointing.

For instance, there are Biblical Old Testament accounts of the Ark of the Covenant, and the lives of Noah and Moses, with the symbolism of each detail of their respective journeys and objects like the rod that Moses held up to part the Red Sea. The Biblical New Testament has numerous examples of anointed objects, such as pieces of cloth once touched by Jesus or His disciples, and describes how people received healing and other miracles by believing in that anointing.

In fact, many religions have their share of symbolic objects believed to hold this same kind of special anointing, representative of higher powers.

In addition, I believe in the Law of Attraction and Biblical concepts of speaking positive words and daily affirmations.

So yeah, I decided there just might be something to these stone pendants after all!

The 30-Day Adventure (May 22 to June 22, 2014)

So I followed the directions that came with the stone, blended with my own version of praying over and “anointing” the stone, as close as I could come to being compatible with my own spiritual beliefs.

First Week (May 22 to 29)

The first day I wore the pendant was May 22nd and what a day it was! I really HAD to ship out some packages to quilt customers before that weekend. Nobody I called was available to give me a ride (we only have one car and my husband uses it for work). With a sprained ankle, arthritic hip, and asthma, I some how walked four miles round-trip to and from our post office. Coincidence?

Let’s just say I was a bit impressed, because I really didn’t think I would attempt it, BUT … I overcame feelings of discouragement and fear, realized the reality of the situation, gave myself a pep talk about what I needed to do vs. what I wanted to do (um, yeah, overcame a sense of stubbornness)…and I managed to walk nearly the entire distance!

Not only that, but other than having to ignore the pain in my ankle and hip, and taking it slowly to ease my breathing issues, it was really not that bad. AND…a nice young man about my son’s age stopped and asked me if I would like a ride when I was about a half mile from home on the return trip and it had begun to rain. I think I reminded him of his mom and he felt bad about me limping along in the rain!

After that eventful start to my pendant experience, I eagerly anticipated each day of that first week. I put on the pendant each morning, prayed over it, and went about my day. Whether it was power of suggestion or something beyond that, I honestly experienced a greater sense of peace and less discouragement over some ongoing family and personal issues. I also recovered physically fairly quickly from my trek to and from the post office from that first day wearing the pendant. That alone was impressive, considering I have had nearly constant pain in my right hip for years!

I also managed to get a decent amount of de-cluttering and reorganizing done in the house prior to a nice visit from my oldest daughter on Memorial Day (5/26). She was visiting from Colorado where she moved to a few months ago for work.

Also on that day, I decided to restart my exercise routine and managed to exercise each day that week for 20-30 minutes.

Second Week (May 30 to June 5)

My second week of wearing the pendant actually started on a Friday, which was my fifth consecutive day of exercising. To say I was thrilled with the results—real or imagined—after just one week, is putting it mildly. It’s funny that I didn’t think the stone’s quality of “reducing stubbornness” really applied—or I didn’t want to believe it did—yet I know my delay in getting back to exercising was certainly related to simply not wanting to! (I think that qualifies as stubbornness!)

Other notable events during this second week included getting my blog up and running again, completing my graduate school assignment ahead of time (instead of midnight on Sunday, the absolute deadline each week), and another successful week of exercising every day.

That’s more evidence of battling the “don’t want to” (i.e., stubbornness) and becoming more organized, and clearly seeing and accepting the reality of what has to be done…and doing it!  I also experienced a growing sense of peace and calmness, accomplishment, and better health.

Third Week (June 6 to 13)

So during my third week on my pendant-wearing journey, I decided to conduct an experiment. I was still struggling with a bit of skepticism in spite of the overwhelming “wow” moments of the first two weeks.

I have to confess that this experiment began accidentally because I forgot to put the pendant on one morning early in the week. I was feeling really discouraged and unproductive in the middle of that Monday afternoon (6/9), and suddenly realized I didn’t have the pendant on! It was a revelation combined with a kind of spooky feeling…like, really? I mean, really, it DID make a difference!

So a couple other days that week, I intentionally didn’t wear the pendant for the mornings and then put it on at lunchtime. Honestly, for real, it was like flipping a switch, because my mood, energy level, and productivity kicked into high gear for those afternoons! How bizarre, yet…for real!

Other than that “a ha!” moment, another big event of that third week is that I *FINALLY* accomplished one of the things I kept writing on my “To Do” list and never getting to: I cleaned out my chests of drawers and the bedroom closet.

It didn’t really make much sense to keep stuffing drawers so full that I couldn’t open or close them, or to keep piling up clothes on the floor of the closet because I wanted to go through them before hanging them up! I ended up bagging up about HALF of my clothes, and a few pairs of shoes, all of which I hadn’t worn for a long time for various reasons (no longer fit because I’m losing weight, my tastes have changed, or whatever).

With a great feeling of accomplishment, I brought these several bags of clothes and shoes to donate to our local Salvation Army Thrift Store. My second great feeling occurred when I rediscovered clothing and outfits that didn’t fit last summer, and now do! Plus, yes, I completed another week of daily exercising and was starting to feel stronger and healthier.

Fourth Week and Balance of 30 Days (June 14 to 22)

I have to say the single most significant event at the beginning of the fourth week was that I made it through Father’s Day without losing it emotionally like I have every year since my Dad passed away in 2002. I was very close to my Dad, and it was devastating when we lost him to lymphoma on September 2, 2002—less than 18 months after his diagnosis.

I have struggled every single year on Father’s Day since then. I have dissolved into tears walking by Father’s Day card displays in stores and often declined invitations to go over to my husband’s dad’s and step-mom’s house on Father’s Day, because I just couldn’t handle it.

This year was different. I reflected on all the good memories of my Dad and our family events, and while getting a little choked up and teary, I didn’t totally break down. Not only that, but I bought Father’s Day cards without crying in the card aisle—for my son-in-law (daddy of my granddaughter) and for my husband (as a step-dad to my adult kids and as a “pet papa”).  I also joined my husband this time in going over to my in-laws’ house for the afternoon.

The funny part is I didn’t even consciously realize all this until a couple days AFTER Father’s Day!

Other significant events in the final week and end of the 30-day challenge period included:

  • Completing my fourth consecutive week of exercising every weekday, and increasing the time up to 30-40 minutes each day; and recording lost pounds and inches!
  • Successfully wrapping up my first dissertation research course and starting my second one.
  • Deciding on a “new look” because I felt like a new “me” (see my photo included at the end of this article)—shorter haircut to reflect my newfound sense of confidence in succeeding at being myself.

The Assessment of the 30-Day Adventure

At the risk of sounding dramatic, OH MY WORD, this pendant has made a notable difference in my life!  Even though I’m not prepared to say “it” alone is responsible for so many positive, significant changes…I am convinced that praying over the stone, anointing it, believing in its inherent qualities, and trusting God to reveal anything to me that I needed to see throughout this journey—yeah, there’s something to it for sure!

I do now believe that the combination of wearing the pendant, and all these other actions I’ve described, certainly worked together to create noticeable changes in my life and in me.

  • Let’s go through the list:
  • Appealed to my spiritual nature
  •  Inspired hope
  • Alleviated fears
  • Calmed the mind
  • Strengthened both cardiovascular and immune systems (certainly appears to have had some positive effects)
  • Imparted tranquility and peace
  • Enhanced organizational skills
  • Boosted creativity
  • Reduced feelings of depression
  • Facilitated clearly seeing and accepting reality
  • Reduced stubbornness

Those are eleven qualities or effects that I can positively attribute to wearing the pendant these past 30 days, combined with better lifestyle choices.

Input from My Husband

I thought I would include some input from my husband, because it’s really revealing. He never once asked me about this pendant, even though I know he has seen me wearing it. So there’s no bias or knowledge there at all about what this stone was “supposed” to do for me.

I simply told him that I’ve been on this “self-improvement” journey particularly over the past 30 days and asked him if he had noticed any significant changes in me in any way.

He said that in fact he has noticed some things—these are the ones he mentioned:

  • He was amazed and impressed that I had exercised faithfully everyday for four weeks straight, and noticed how it has affected my overall mood and energy level.
  • He noticed that I have been keeping up better with household tasks, especially laundry—as in doing it before he runs out of work clothes, and then putting clothes away the same day or the next day, rather than letting them sit for days until it’s time to do laundry again!
  • He noticed how well I handled Father’s Day this year—and that I bought cards for him (didn’t realize how much that meant to him!)
  • He noticed and appreciated that I am getting to bed earlier and getting more sleep (he worries about my health because of my habit of staying up too late—or pulling all-nighters to work on some project!)
  • He said I seem happier; less discouraged or depressed; more organized; and have more self-confidence.

I still didn’t tell him about the pendant, by the way, so it’s amazing to me that all those things he noticed actually are relevant to the pendant!

The Conclusion

So do these Quantum Stone pendants have some mystical ability to make changes in people’s lives, to create a “spiritual and emotional awakening” for those who wear the pendants?

I can’t fully explain it, but some how, in some way, in some amazing alliance with the spiritual realm, I would have to declare a resounding YES, based on my 30-day (and beyond) journey wearing my Brazilian Blue Quartz pendant.


Just me, K’Lee, with my new haircut and my pendant!

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