5 Secrets to Manifesting Your Reality – It’s Easier Than You Think

manifesting your reality

If you think that ‘manifesting your reality’ is best achieved through hoping, praying, or meditating for what you desire – think again. Now, sure it stands to reason that these practices are the best approach to getting what you want; however, that viewpoint in itself can hinder your manifestation abilities – and your success.

How Do You Begin Manifesting Your Reality?

1. Stop Hoping…For Anything

You know how they say it’s all in the mind? Manifestation begins with your thoughts, which can lower or raise your vibrations. Rather than hope for what you ‘want’ put yourself in the mindset of already having it. This places you in a vibrational state that resonates with that desire, increasing the chances of actually creating that reality.

2. What Hoping Actually Achieves

By hoping, you send the universe mixed signals. Telling the universe, “I don’t have this, but I want it” is likely to keep you stagnant – always wanting but not having. Live as if you have what you want NOW. Put yourself in a state of consciously believing that you already have it, and it will become normal for you. This message allows the universe to assist you in actually manifesting the reality that you seek.

3. How Number Two Assists in Manifesting Your Reality

By living in the present as if all your ‘hopes and wants’ have been attained every day, you begin to understand what it IS to live in that reality. This practice is what allows you to raise your vibrations and resonate with your goals and manifest them. When it becomes ‘normal’ it can BE.

If you want to live a more peaceful existence or desire to attract a soul mate, put yourself in the vibration that you already have found peace or that perfect partner – and watch the reality unfold.

4. Raising your Vibrations for Manifestation

Consider what is ‘normal’ in your daily life – things like making lunch for the kids, going to work, or cleaning house. These activities manifest and happen whether you want, wish, pray, or desire them to, right? Your vibrations are already attune to those things. So, when you learn to live as though you have it, rather than wanting it, you then have a container – you – prepared for that reality to manifest. Maintain this vibration consciously and it will become unconscious and begin to unfold.

5. Becoming a Vessel for Your Desires

The universe isn’t likely to give you anything you aren’t ready for, and by vibrating every day – living in a place of having what you want already – you are preparing yourself to be a ‘container’ for it. The more time spent in this resonance, the more powerful your abilities as a creator become.

Essentially, if you wish to create your own reality, the only real effort that you must put into it is living it, and raise your vibrations like you have it. Manifesting your reality is powerful, and you’ll be excited the first time you experience success. Live every day with that feeling of accomplishing your goals and then you’ll really be manifesting your reality!

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