Healing with Lapis Lazuli: Stone of the All-Seeing Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis

Lapis Lazuli

A powerful healing stone believed to impart awareness of the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis, lapis lazuli is a high-vibrational stone with endless potential. The Egyptians utilized this stone in artwork, amulets, jewelry, and cosmetics; however, their use of it to portray the hair and adornments of the heavenly Goddess Isis indicates how much their culture truly cherished the metaphysical powers of lapis lazuli.

The Connection Between Lapis Lazuli and the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis

The sheer beauty of lapis lazuli allowed them to see the potential of the existence of outer realms – worlds outside of our worlds, a higher power within the universe. Within its dark blue coloration, Egyptians saw the night skies filled with imperishable stars represented by the sparkling gold pyrite flecks – in essence, an image of the heavens.

Sky Goddess Isis

Metaphysical Healing

As a stone of heaven, it is only natural that the Egyptians would use lapis lazuli to honor the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis, who is considered to be omniscient, all-knowing, and all-seeing. The conviction that lapis lazuli holds her soul is though to give the possessor of such a stone a connection with her knowledge, insight, and magical powers.

The Metaphysical Healing Potential of Lapis Lazuli Stones

As the stone of total awareness, lapis lazuli can help one expand their emotional and metaphysical intellect and bring clarity and strength to the mind body spirit connection. Popular with healers and users seeking to align their emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies, lapis lazuli is believed to strengthen users:

  • Ability to activate and open the Third Eye and Throat Chakras
  • Psychic abilities
  • Spirit channeling and manifestation abilities
  • Acceptance and understanding of universal mind body soul connections
  • Ability to discover Soul Mate Connections
  • Objectivity and Mental clarity
  • Quest for illumination and ascension

Many cultures bury their dead with a lapis lazuli to bring them eternal protection, while many of the living use them to wipe out past experiences and lives that no longer serve them.

Warning: Use Lapis Lazuli Healing Stones with Only Pure Intentions

Lapis Lazuli

Sun Ray Pendant

Highly revered within metaphysical circles today, lapis lazuli is a perfect meditation companion to foster communication with your higher self. But, using this stone requires the possessor to elevate their vibrations to the stone’s level, and metaphysical healers advise that this stone be used with great caution if one isn’t experienced with healing crystals.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Stones are highly complex, and offer a knowledgeable user infinite possibility for healing and spiritual growth; however, those ill prepared for such insights and enlightened awareness might find suing this stone taxing. Use this stone only with the purest of intentions and in a state of divine love.

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