Teal Swan’s Enlightening Video on Crystals as Living, Healing Stones


Explore crystal concepts beyond those of their mere physical dimensions and limitations – check out this incredible video by Teal Swan on crystals as living and healing stones. Thought provoking and informative, this clip explores beyond the typical idea of ‘what is alive’ to those of greater consciousness, awareness, and perceptions. Teal clearly explains how crystals actually have the ability to send and receive both human thoughts and emotions, making them valuable healing tools.

Once we begin understanding that all things – including thoughts, emotions, and crystals – are vibrational energy, it helps explain the healing power of crystals and stones. Two matching vibrations cannot occupy the same space; hence a crystal with a vibration resonance that is polar to a particular symptoms, can help bring alleviate an ailment and bring one back into a harmonious vibrational state.

Sound a bit intense or confusing? Well, honestly – Teal Swan’s video on crystal healing does a much better job of explaining the details. Watch this incredible video now below!


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