The Rock of Unconditional Love: Rose Quartz Healing Stones & Crystals

rose quartz healing stones

Rose quartz is a powerful purification stone, a healing stone that offers a strong vibrational energy consisting of unadulterated love and light. This pure, protecting life-force surrounds the possessor with unconditional love – an essential component of healing heartbreaks, neglect, and resolving internal conflicts of the heart.

Cleansing and opening the heart chakra with rose quartz or other healing stones raises your vibrations and promotes ascension to a higher spiritual connection with the universe. Many energy healers use and recommend rose quartz healing stones and crystals to promote healing and purification of the heart chakra and related systems – both physical and emotional.

If You Think Your Heart Has Suffered Long Enough…

Rose Quartz…then it probably has, and rose quartz can be an ideal protecting and heart healing stone. However, using this stone is a process – one that will take you on a journey – and it can be a bit painful in the beginning. I know this from personal experience, as my first piece of quantum jewelry was a rose quartz pendant that I wear and meditate with regularly. My rose quartz story seems to be similar to many other first time users who, like me, had deep internal hurts of the heart that were ready to be free. Expect and prepare to:

1. See and Speak the Truth

These were my first noticeable effects from wearing the pendant. An intrinsic need to evaluate just about every past relationship – parents, friends, lovers – every single one of them that resulted in hurt became a part of my daily existence. Turns out, I wasn’t as over them as I perceived in my ‘reality’ and wearing the rose quartz forced me to see ‘reality’ in a whole new light. Honesty flowed from my lips freely, about everything from heart hurts to work issues, the truth just flowed.

2. Relive the Pain to Relieve the Pain

Now, this is the hardest (or was for me), but whiting days, this stone forced me to relive past hurts, release harbored emotions by vocalizing the truth – and I did feel much better day by day. Opening the heart and throat chakra is a multi-faced process that helps transform negative thoughts about ones self, helps one embrace love in all forms, and brings forth a state of inner peace.

3. Forgiveness and Self Acceptance

Something about clearing blockages in these chakras helps your forgive other, but most importantly – it helps your forgive and accept yourself. Resolving your sense of self worth empowers and helps restore you to a state of unconditional love and higher vibrations.

Rose Quartz for Physical Healing

rose quartz healing stonesAlong with the metaphysical possibilities of rose quartz healing stones and crystals, there are purported beneficial ‘side effects’ for your overall health that accompany purifying your heart and mind from these burdens. Some of the reported physical benefits include:

  • Releasing Toxins and Impurities in Bodily Fluids
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Hasty Recoveries from Injuries
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Healthier Adrenal Glands and Kidneys
  • Heart Health

If you have issues of the heart – and who doesn’t – I’d highly recommend considering adding rose quartz healing stones and crystals into your life. I shared my rose quartz story – share yours with us!

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