The Power and Meaning of Colors: Exploring the Rainbow of Life

meaning of colors

Everything emanates from white light – including the rainbow of colors we perceive all around us. The sun emits light of various wavelengths and frequencies, which our eyes translate as the visible color spectrum. Color rays are energy and each color carries a different wavelength. The amount of energy in a light wave is related to its frequency; hence, high-frequency light waves have a higher energy than low-frequency light waves. The higher the frequency, of the color, the closer together the waves of energy are.

Color rays are spiritual forces of vibrational energy, encircling the globe and they have a profound effect on our physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. It is thought that each human incarnates under a certain ray, which is further influenced by secondary rays – the focal point of which is considered the aura that surrounds all beings. Starting with the primary colors and their attributes, let’s explore the meaning of colors and how they affect our everyday world.

meaning of colors

Color is Power: The Trinity of Primary Colors

Our retinas can only detect three visible primary colors, which essentially mix in our brain to form the secondary hues we ‘see.’ Each color correlates to various parts of the mind, body and spirit. Understanding their effects gives us the ability to use colors to influence our daily lives to promote our physical health and spiritual journey.

Red: The Color of Creativity, Courage, and Confidence

Meaning of ColorsWe feel in red, and it is a color of vitality that promotes activity, passion, creativity, and feelings of security. Red harnesses the power of energy – particularly within the base chakra – connecting and grounding our physical body to the earthbound plane. Those emanating under red are often courageous, extroverted, spontaneous, and confident. It has the longest wavelength of all hues on the electromagnetic spectrum, and everything that is to be commenced must contain some essence of red.

Blue: Expands the Perception of the Unknown

meaning of colorsBlue is the color of spirituality, divinity, and it promotes ones ability to perceive into the unknown. Intentions of the will are in blue, as it harnesses the energies of knowledge, decisiveness, and clarity. Blue energy governs the Throat Chakra, and those who incarnate under blue are typically loyal, affectionate, and inspiring.

Yellow: The Color of Wisdom

meaning of colorsWe think in yellow energy, which is associated with the sun’s life giving force and governs the Solar Plexus Chakra. Many of the body’s systems are activated by the color yellow, which brings about clarity, orderliness, happiness, and self-esteem while stimulating curiosity and energy levels.


Secondary Colors – Blending of the Primary Trinity

When the primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – balance and meld, there is harmony and peace within the mind and body. From these intertwining energies emerge the secondary colors, culminating in a set of varying wavelengths and frequencies that harness their own powerful effects on our daily life.

Orange: Boosts the Appetite for Life

meaning of colorsEver notice how ‘vibrant and energetic’ people wear brilliant colors like orange? Orange is one of the most emotionally stimulating hues on the spectrum and is a source for creative energy and restrained wisdom. The driving color of the Spleen Chakra, orange helps one encompass a zest for life, enthusiasm, self-assurance and playfulness, and fosters the connection with the senses while removing inhibitions.

Green: Merging the ‘Mind’ of Yellow with the ‘Spirit’ of Blue

meaning of colorsThe balance of mind and body – when all is in harmony – this is an ideal ****vibrational frequency, and green falls along the center of the spectrum and is a hue believed to balance the whole being. The color of nature, it brings about a sense of peace, compassion, and a loving spirit towards Mother Earth and the oneness of all things. The heart chakra is ruled by green energy, making this an ideal color for those seeking renewal, growth and expansion within the physical or spiritual realms.

Indigo: Connect to the Individualized Unconscious

meaning of colorsIndigo energy governs the Brow Chakra and is a hue that allows one to tap into psychic abilities and strengthen the connection between the conscious and subconscious. Those looking for spiritual attainment, universal wisdom, and self-mastery often work with indigo, as it amplifies blue energy and turns it inward allowing for greater levels of growth. Indigo’s energy symbolize the gateway between the finite and the infinite; hence its popular use in mystical endeavors. Those resonating under this hue are typically intuitive, idealistic, truth-seekers, and practical – yet fearless.

Violet: The Color of Universal Consciousness

meaning of colorsInspirational leaders, humanitarians, visionaries, and some of the world’s most creative beings resonate strongly with violet frequencies. The ray of spiritual mastery, violet brings together frantic red with the practicality of blue to create a stabilizing energy that purifies feelings and thoughts. This color governs the Crown Chakra and offers inspiration to enhance artistic creativity and talents.

Why Understanding the Meaning of Color is Vital

Whether you are working with Chakra Stones for healing on your own or are seeking counsel from a color healer, understand that every human is found beneath on of these 7 color rays. Their personalities are exhibited through the rays of these energies, and working with the proper colors can alter ones physical condition and determine the health of their astral/emotional nature.

meaning of colors

Learn more about the Theories of Color here in this short paper by David R. Hilbert.


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