The Ultimate Guide To Balancing Your Chakras

Balancing Your Chakras

Self-care is one of the highest forms of love one can give to themselves. Chakras refer to the energy within the body, and often those chakras can feel closed. Opening those requires intention and reflection. Start learning more about each of the seven chakras, then start incorporating essential oils and self-care rituals to open the heart and mind. As you do these things, you can feel more connected with your body. Here is a quick description of each chakra and how you can connect with each.

Balancing Your Chakras

(1) Root Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasAn important part of finding peace within the self is feeling grounded. This chakra is your base, located at the bottom of the spine. It helps you feel confident and sturdy. Consider using Young Living essential oils to open this chakra. Its element is earth, so focus on the ground beneath you and the support it gives you.

(2) Sacral Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasThis chakra is all about emotions and creativity. It often channels your sexual energy and passions. You gain control from this chakra. Journal, talk with friends or explore creative hobbies to unblock any creative flow. This chakra’s element is water, so let your thoughts and ideas flow smoothly like a river.

(3) Solar Plexus Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasConfidence flows from the chakra. Your sense of self-love and worth should be apparent in every action you do. Start opening this chakra by accepting every part of yourself. its element is fire, and let that loving energy consume you.

(4) Heart Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasAs the name indicates, this chakra focuses on love. How do you receive and give love? This chakra helps you feel compassion for others. Practice yoga routines that focus on opening the heart, and don’t forget to burn essential oils to heal and restore the mind. Air is the element of this chakra, so fill your entire body with love.

(5) Throat Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasCommunication is powerful. This chakra opens your ability to express yourself in the best way that you can. If you struggle to find the right words or can’t understand your feelings, this chakra may be blocked. Use affirmations to express yourself more clearly and encourage yourself to speak from the heart by wearing jewelry or clothes that help you feel like yourself. Its element is sound and music, so explore the sounds you love to help discover who you are.

(6) Third-Eye Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasAlthough you may not see it, this chakra is located on the forehead between the eyes. This chakra represents seeing from a wider perspective. It helps you see life with the eyes of your soul and encourages you to explore the unknown. Open this chakra by focusing and taking time to reflect. Its element is light, and allows that light to wash over you.

(7) Crown Chakra

Balancing Your ChakrasThe last chakra is the highest, both on the body and in importance. It sits on the top of your head and is about your spirituality. Opening your chakra means being connected spiritually and emotionally. Faith and a focused mind are needed to improve your alignment with this particular chakra. For many people, it is almost impossible to completely open this chakra. However, you can heal and improve through meditation and becoming meek. Divine consciousness is this chakra’s element, so it takes years of practice to reach an understanding and godly perspective.

As you focus on opening each chakra, allowing the energy to flow, you can feel a deeper connection with yourself and the outside world. You’ll find more peace and durability during hard times. Find routines and practices that help you the most. For many, essential oils can help open these chakras. Yoga, healthy eating and reflection are also extremely effective for those seeking healing and self-care.

Begin with just one chakra and begin to open each. More energy will start to flow within you, and your body can even feel better. Learn more about how you can touch and open each chakra.


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