How To Turn Your Favorite Gemstones Into Healing Crystal Elixirs

Crystal Elixirs

If you’ve been playing around with crystals for a while, you’ve surely come to see the truth to all the rumored benefits. But if you’ve been wearing them or keeping them on a nightstand, that’s only the tip of the crystal iceberg. Crystals possess a powerful energy which can be imparted in so many different ways. One of the most powerful ways may be through water.

Not only are crystal energies easily transferred to water, but water is imperative to life.  This is especially important when you consider the radical transformation that drinking water has undergone the last few hundred years. Traditionally, drinking water was  taken straight from a clean and natural source. But the water of today undergoes heavy-processing and is deprived of nature’s processes and powerful energies. It stands to reason that water has much to gain through crystals. And even though science has yet to study this, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on crystal elixirs from batch one.  

The process of making crystal elixirs is super simple. The only hard part is familiarizing yourself with the basics. Luckily, we’ve packed this post with just about everything you need to know. So bust out those stones and get ready to go!

Crystal Elixirs


Cleanse The Crystals: To get the most of your gemstone elixir, you should cleanse crystals of any negative or foreign energies. For instant cleansing, you can smudge stones, spray them with a special crystal cleanser, or give them a quick bath in salt water. Another alternative is to “soak” crystals in sunlight or to put them in the light of the moon. A few hours of cosmological beams will provide a thorough (and simple) cleanse plus a powerful recharge of energy, and it’s a safe option for soft stones as well as hard. Some stones may be self-cleansing (like azeztulite and selenite), and stones like quartz and carnelian are believed to absorb less-than-favorable energies of other stones. Not all crystal experts are in agreement on this however, so some sort of cleanse is a good call.

Crystal ElixirsProgram Your Stones: If your stone of choice hasn’t already been “programmed,” then you can dedicate it to your desired purpose after cleansing. It’s very helpful to know a crystal’s properties before doing this, but it’s not necessary. If you feel drawn to a certain stone with your objective in mind, then do right by your intuition. If you’re not certain, a book like The Crystal Bible can help you. But keep in mind that the best results come by feeling a stone’s energy and choosing the stone you’re intuitively drawn to (if a stone makes you feel tingly or the sight of it “makes the rest of the world fade away,” consider yourself drawn). Once you’ve decided upon the best stone for the job, set your intention for the stone, and let your positive thoughts and desires wash over it. This is programming at its simplest and its finest.

Select Your Water: Next up, is water. This choice shouldn’t be taken lightly, because not all water is equal. Actually, the nature of water is so intriguing, it’s evaded the understanding of modern science. There’s so much to be explored, but we get a great glimpse at water’s power thanks to the famous studies of Masaru Emoto. Back before his famous intention experiment, he got a team together to attempt to photograph water crystals from different water sources. There were water samples taken from inside the city (via tap water and city lakes and streams), and then there were samples taken from clean and serene environments.

The results? The samples sourced from natural and unadulterated settings were full of crystals. Water crystals reminiscent of snowflakes, with the most beautiful and intricate design. And what of the city water? Well, it didn’t produce anything. There were zero crystals upon freezing. As in absolutely zilch. But the biggest shocker of all is the actual appearance. Compared to the pristine samples, the city samples just look disturbing and unsettling. Now maybe they’re just not as photogenic as the pristine water samples, but pollution is one obvious factor that could explain this. The stressful thoughts and emotions of our dog-eat-dog world surely tie in to this too (there’s an Emoto experiment that supports that too). Therefore, I have to recommend spring water as it is naturally alkaline and contains important minerals. But if that’s not possible, you can recharge water by moonlight. And let’s not forget that we can perk water up by way of prayer and intention (another great Emoto experiment). For more ideas, check out Nifty Homestead’s amazing resource page for fresh drinking water.  

Making The Elixir

Before you start dropping stones, remember that less is more. Once you have some know-how you can create combinations with two or three different stones, but beginner’s are advised to stick to one stone.

The process of making an elixir will depend on whether or not it’s a non-toxic crystal. If it’s toxin-free, you can make your elixir through Direction Immersion by placing it in a large glass bowl filled with your water of choice. If it contains toxic minerals (or it’s a “soft” stone), you’ll want to use the method of Indirect Immersion, which simply involves placing the crystal in it’s own small glass bowl, and then placing this bowl in the large bowl of water (making sure no water comes in contact with the crystal). Once water and stones are in place, set your intention for your elixir and let it stand in sunlight for up to 12 hours. Then bottle it up with a prayer of thanks, and it’s done. You have your very own crystal elixir!

Crystal Elixirs

Store the elixir in an airtight glass bottle in a cool, dark place, and it should “keep” up to a week. If you’d like your elixir to keep longer, or you want high-vibe “medicine” on-the-go, you can turn it into a tincture.

To make a tincture, try this “recipe” from The Crystal Bible author Judy Hall. Simply add seven drops of the Mother Elixir to a clean tincture bottle. Fill with one third brandy and two thirds water, and it can keep a week or more. If you’re new to elixirs and you want to determine a “dosage,” you can read Crystal Vault’s guide to crystal elixirs.

How To Use It

How can you use your crystal elixir? The possibilities are endless! One of the easiest ways is to add a few drops of the mother elixir to your drinking water. It can also be added to bath water, rubbed into the skin, dropped onto chakra points, used on areas needing healing, and so on. It can also be poured into a spray bottle and used for Feng Shui or better vibes. Start out doing single crystal elixirs, and try them out in different ways. Once you can see how different crystals affect you, you may want to try doing elixirs with two or three stones. There are so many different ways to brew elixirs and even more ways to use them. Try them out and see what works best for you.


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