When Being Spiritual Becomes Tiring and Annoying

Being Spiritual

Being spiritual is in some respects an overrated concept steeped in all sorts of conjured up rules and expectations. Instead it becomes a state of being that we try to achieve yet every act is in honor of the spiritual experience. It is how we experience being human.

As part of the journey there are moments in our lives when all that we have studied, researched or held as sacred seem not to be enough. There are days when we simply wish to chuck it all! No more Namaste or peace and love, or love and light…sometimes it’s just the way it is! And it is ok! Most often we hide the truth of how we feel from the “light and love” cheerleaders. This state of being can be an incredible moment of surrender. It is an opportunity to move through a portal that leads to greater wisdom. In this moment all is questioned. To never on occasion question what you believe or what you hold as a truth if only for a moment…is to hold at bay a much larger understanding.

Our personal survival program aims to protect us from the unknown yet at times we seem to tumble into the unknown almost as if we were pushed; a terrifying space for most. Keep in mind that much of our tools for moving through the human experience are based on the rules, regulations and beliefs passed on from one to the other. What we yearn for are supernatural experiences; sensations and occurrences that exceed the programmed norm . This is where religion and new age models become viable vehicles promising a supernatural experience in the here and now or in the afterlife. What we are told however is that in order to have such experiences we must adhere to certain rules, guidelines and rituals or perhaps with the aid of a third party. Without a doubt there are certain guidelines that will allow us to experience the super-natural. However such guidelines are mostly information that will encourage or support transcendence from many of these limiting rules, guidelines and rituals.

Rules, guidelines and rituals must be redefined and understood in their proper context scientifically. We fear leaving behind the mysticism attached to the old interpretation of these tools. One must be ready to peel away and expose the stories for what they are; just stories. Every story however leads to realty constructs where we are generally detained by specific beliefs and thoughts.

Being Spiritual

When our spiritual pursuit and life in general become difficult, boring, exhausting and appearing to be fruitless, we begin to question everything including the spiritual journey we’ve been on. Where does it all lead. With so many spiritual leaders presenting various concepts it can be overwhelming especially when one is striving to achieve the suggested behavior. When spiritual practices no longer seem to support those moments of frustration or uncertainty many feel the need to conceal the truth of such feelings. Often when those feelings are expressed it results in someone trying to talk you out of how you really feel. One is encouraged to be positive but never really encouraged to dig deeper than the teachings or current beliefs.

More than likely these feelings are a result of a shove from your more expansive self, stirring you to dig deeper. We are so programmed to label our emotions as good or bad that at times we delay our exit from such feelings. Reality and its many pockets of possibilities are often limited to only acceptable possibilities while everything else is dismissed or ignored. The idea of other dimensional spaces, realms, other universes etc., becomes so fantasy based and mystical instead of seeing this as potentialities in the continuum (dream simulations/holograms/reality constructs), much of which we are shielded from by the limitations of our perception and our memory. This body system responds to our programmed beliefs and perceptions which impairs our ability to extensively activate the mechanism of the body.

The freedom we hunger for is really the awakening to our limitless-self unencumbered by the barriers formed by these tales, and bedtime stores. This level of freedom comes at a cost of being exposed to who or what we are beyond the human dream (relevant to the dream that one is experiencing). When we discover the players and the layers of illusion or game constructs which distance us from such truths; it will serve to disable old interpretations of reality. Such interpretations are inclusive of certain conclusions drawn by the scientific community. Scientific discovers are never final as history dictates. We must remain open and allow the evolution of discovers without the hindrance of conclusive interpretations.

Being SpiritualTo remember that the ideals we strive for is perhaps what’s’ chocking us; especially when they clearly do not align with a much deeper feeling on the inside; this can be a powerful tool. When we feel the need to chuck it all that’s when we are ready to be in full surrender to that incredibly expansive part of our self that sees all.

Our desire for meaning and clarity drives us to latch on to absolutes, we want certainties. We want the “known” as we fear the “unknown”. But if we were to let go of the rigid beliefs about reality and of one’s life without the need to identify with or attach to past life belief and constructs, or to adhere to non-flexible rituals and the should and shouldn’t and simply allow that limitless consciousness (that is the all seeing you) to tap into the greater network; from there we can access reality altering data. It’s the constricting programs that diver us wild!

There really are no rules at least not in the manner in which we have been conditioned to believe. Rules show up because we expect them to, so in essence we keep setting the rules both individually and collectively. Ultimately you are under no obligation to anyone or to anything in those moments when being spiritual become tiring and annoying. In essence all that we do whether it is from the stand point of obligation to another it’s always self-serving in some way. We succumb to external obligations to avoid the resulting feeling and experience from not adhering. So often we fear the outcome of doing or not doing. We fear being exposed, we fear feeling “bad” or perhaps we like the feeling that follows the outcome like feeling “good” or kind or needed, or wanted, intelligent, knowledgeable, important, valued, loved etc. All of our choices are based on our envisioned outcome. We are taught not to be “self-ish” so to admit that all of our choices are really self-serving is to run the risk of being viewed as selfish. These rules and guidelines govern our lives in a way that blinds us from what really is.

Being SpiritualWe have been schooled to maintain the filtered and restricted version of the collective and individual view of reality. Our individual views are influenced by collective human programs. It’s a clever brew which colors the derivation of thoughts which influence the design of our reality. The truth is that we determine every character wandering the stage of our reality. We completely influence the experiences that we will interact with, “in essence we keep setting the rules both individually and collectively” We are already being selfish so why not begin to be consciously selfish. Perhaps taking this approach will end the challenges or certain conditions being experienced by those around you; those in your life (those you try to help or feel obligated to). If we indeed influence all that is around us then turning inward to make conscious self-serving (embracing how you really feel) choices will most certainly determine what conditions will remain or go or what will be transformed. We hang on and stay the course in difficult situations and relationships with the belief that we are doing it for the benefit of others. What is to be remembered is that regardless of our choices we lose nothing! What we walk away with is the experience gained from the process. So give yourself permission to feel the way that you do and when it’s time to reel yourself in… you will.

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