Why Empaths need Energy Healing

Empaths need Energy Healing

Empathy is the ability to comprehend what another person is feeling in a particular situation. Empaths are people who possess a powerful sense of compassion and often get involved in the emotional life of others. However, that can be emotionally draining. In this article, you’ll find why empaths need energy healing as well as how to replenish it.

Empaths Need Healing

Empaths need Energy HealingEmpaths are sensible beings who can intuitively guess someone else’s emotions. So, if a friend is feeling down, an empath will sense it and will offer emotional and spiritual support even if the other person didn’t ask for it. High sensitivity is a crucial trait that consumes a lot of emotive energy from the empath.

Additionally, empathy is hereditary. A person might practice compassion without thinking about it. Empathetic individuals are born with a deep helping instinct that runs in their DNA. Therefore, empaths will understand body language and are great communicators. Nevertheless, these individuals spend time analyzing other people’s actions without even thinking about it. That’s another reason why empaths need to reenergize emotionally.

Lastly, empaths have no sense of borders. They are often involved in other people’s lives trying to help, but that can be a toxic behavior. Other people see empaths as a support system and as a source of energy. That can be extremely draining for compassionate individuals.

How To Understand If You’re An Empath

Empaths need Energy HealingAs mentioned before, some empaths don’t even realize that they have a developed sense of empathy. That leads, in most cases, to unintentional empathetic behavior. Instinctive patterns can be harmful to the individual as they can encourage them to neglect personal needs for others. Therefore, it’s vital to understand if you’re an empathetic person, so you know how to control it. Here are some signs that indicate strong empathy.

  1. Empaths are connected emotionally, and they can express their feelings with ease. Most of these individuals think that emotive interaction is vital to understanding other people. Additionally, they can express themselves very well as artists, essay writers, and public speakers.
  2. When overwhelmed, empathetic individuals experience significant mood swings. They will also hide their emotions because they feel like they don’t want to bother other people with their problems.
  3. Empaths focus on other people more than on themselves. Even if they deal with issues, they will find a way to help others.
  4. Empaths are sensitive to violent and chaotic situations. They value love, harmony, and understanding, so they avoid destabilizing situations. Empaths are often uncomfortable in loud places or drama-based events.
  5. Empaths are idealists. They have great difficulty in understanding criminal and cruel acts. Moreso, they have high standards regarding society and strive for a better world. As a result, they volunteer or pick careers that involve working with people.
  6. Since they radiate warmth, friendliness, and compassion, empaths attract individuals in need of support. Additionally, they are excellent listeners.
  7. Because of their spiritual aura, empaths are likely to experience lucid dreams, astral projection, or even paranormal events. Déjà vu is also a persistent element in an empath’s life.
  8. Daydreaming is a safe space for empaths. They find it hard to keep their focus on real-world matters as they often explore theories.

How To Heal Energetically

Empaths need Energy HealingEnergetic healing means replenishing your emotional fuel. As an empath, you need to practice conscious empathy and understand when it’s time to help, and when you need to help yourself. Here are a couple of ways to heal an empath.

  1. Meditation and Pranayama. When you feel emotionally distressed, take a couple of breaths, and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. This technique is called Pranayama, and it’s a form of quick conscious meditation. If you have more time, try transcendental meditation: pick one of the specific chakra mantras and repeat it while in a comfortable position. A recent essay writing service UK study describes the benefits of Pranayama techniques for beginners. Don’t forget to close your eyes. You can light up candles or aromatherapy to further stimulate your senses.
  2. Ask for help. You are not the only empath in the world, and if you’re feeling lost, you can count on others. The idea is to create a circle of empathy, so try to remember that you don’t have to fix everything by yourself.
  3. Spend time in nature. Green spaces are exceptionally beneficial for mental and spiritual health. The rain, the grass, the sun will charge you with energy and replenish your aura.
  4. Showers and self-care. Hot showers remove any tension in the body, and they can relieve headaches. Take a warm bath and have a spa day. This practice will help you concentrate on yourself again.
  5. Stay away from toxic people and situations. Empaths feel like helping people in difficult situations, but sometimes they get involved too much. They compromise their priorities and emotions, trying to fix other people’s problems. Take a break from the overwhelming situations and learn to give the world a part of you, not all of you. Set boundaries and recognize when someone’s taking advantage of you.


Empaths are compassionate individuals who love to help and get emotionally invested in other people’s problems. However, that can cost them a lot of energy. If you’re an empath, make sure to take your time to help people, but don’t forget to set boundaries.



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