Awakening Your Spiritual Self Through Art


We carry images in our mind throughout our day and in our dreams. Most times, these are fleeting and lost to the subconscious. Philosopher Carl Jung addresses thought, stating “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Making a practice of bringing our deeper thoughts out in art form, whether it is a sketch, fine piece of gemstone jewelry or full blown sculpture not only gets us in touch with ourselves, but can also lead us on a path we would not find otherwise.

Quieting The World Around You

Everywhere we turn, we are met with sensory input, even art that is created for industrial or consumer purposes. Finding a way to shut out the external noise (try mediation) and get in touch with what is going on inside of us is essential to our spiritual wellbeing. Creating art forces our attention inward, to a deep place where we can find our true self and express something new and personal. Ideas for artistic expression come to us most clearly when we quiet our mind to listen.

Finding Understanding Through Artistic Expression

Artists are always reporting how their creations simply “came to them”. This form of enlightenment, creating something from the heart, is a pure therapeutic exercise and is the premise on which the science of art therapy is based. The very act of making art has been proven to give a pathway to understanding from which we can find inner peace, even a greater connection with the universe. Through artistic exploration, you might discover you find serenity in putting brush to canvas, sculpting silver and crystals into jewelry that can heal the spirit, or working with stained glass that catches the sun and warms the soul. Whatever your medium, it is the very discovery of what you create that can lead to heightened spiritual consciousness.

Getting started on your artistic journey

There are classes in all forms of art. Look to your community centers, colleges and check message boards in your town for instructors. Or you can take a more natural approach to the creative process, get quiet, and allow inspiration to guide you to your chosen form of expression. Whatever approach you take, releasing the artist within is bound to lead you not only to a more a peaceful place, but also to a talent you never knew existed. Enjoy the journey.


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