Part II: Confessions of an Emotional Vampire in Healing

Emotional Vampire

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We’re talking about spreading positive energy and vibrations and banishing old programming that causes us to become energy vampires…Here’s the last two ways I identified myself as one and the ways I am triumphing over the habit.

3. Whining Like a Cheese Party Host


A friend calls me up…the first thing out of my unthinking, unconscious mouth are stories about how wrong the day has gone, last night’s horrible date, or tales of how challenging the job is lately. The emotional vampire tendency beckons us to share complaints about such problems until every drop of energy in the listener is diminished.

You’re likely to see less invites as an emotional vampire, and less people will want to attend your whine and cheese celebrations. I certainly did as long as I had the craving for others’ life force.

Solution: See the sunny side of life and make positive discussions the first thing you choose to share with those you interact with. They’ll likely crave more interactions with you because your positivity raises their vibrations.

4. You Manipulate Blame and Guilt Onto Others

An emotional vampire in action can wield guilt like a weapon of mass destruction, using every opportunity possible to make someone feel inferior or guilty. I loved this weapon when somehow ‘whomever’ wasn’t fulfilling my ‘whatever’ in some way.

Essentially, in my lack of enlightenment I actually expected others to do things, say things, and basically revolve the sun around me. I was the lead vampire in this arena for years – making partners and friends feel guilty, lowering their vibrations, and draining their energy unfairly.

Solution: Rather than making your partner, friend, parent, or adult child feel bad by saying, “You would call me more if you love me,” consider an empowering and positive statement like, “I just want to know everything good that is happening in your life now, and I hope we can chat more often.” The point gets across in a positive way, raising both of your vibrations.

Raise Your Vibrations and Eliminate the Emotional Vampire in You

Just know, that it’s a trial and error process of catching yourself being an emotional vampire. Soon, you’ll start catching that negativity at the thought phase. Next, you’ll be turning those negative thoughts and energies into uplifting and positive ones – raising the vibrations of those around you – and yours, too!

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