Shungite, the Miracle Stone: Healing Toxin Overload and EMF Exposure


It’s no secret that harmful chemicals are everywhere: electronics, drinking water, healthy foods, and even hair products, to name a few. Doctors won’t tell you that toxin overload can mimic chronic illness by causing brain fog, joint pain, stomach problems, anxiety, and skin problems. For chronic health problems with no discernable cause and low energy, try working with shungite.

 How Shungite Shields Us From Pollutants

Shungite Shungite comes mainly from Karelia, Russia, and contains unique antioxidants called Fullerenes. Unlike vitamin C, Fullerenes remain intact even while they neutralize free radicals and destroy pollutants. When injected into the body, Fullerenes have been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory effects and promote better health in people with HIV, the herpes simplex virus, and cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Shungite not only protects us from cellular damage but also makes us less likely to suffer from environmental pollutants. From formaldehyde in nail salons to electromagnetic radiation in the office, nowhere is truly safe. But holing up at home isn’t the answer. Your home likely contains sneaky toxins in the forms of mold, cleaning products, and items like scented candles.Shungite

Cleansing your space with shungite is an easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones from toxins. This stone is so powerful that it even helps purify drinking water. Though tap and bottled water might not seem risky, both contain chemicals linked to cancer. (The hard truth: bottled water is just high-quality tap water!) Shungite water is less likely to contain contaminants and may have an antihistamine effect.

Block Electromagnetic Fields With Crystals

More than half the world uses mobile phones. Although these devices don’t come with health warnings, research has shown that cellphones expose us to high levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that may trigger serious health issues. There’s evidence that some people are more vulnerable to developing cancer and brain tumors due to high EMF exposure.

Header-61EThe hard truth is that there’s no way to avoid EMFs. Cellphones aren’t the only source of non-ionizing radiation. Laptops, desktops, indoor lighting, and living within visible distance of cellphone towers increases your exposure. This is why shielding yourself with shungite can heal symptoms of EMF toxicity. Wearing shungite is important if you regularly use cellphones. If you use your cellphone as a sleep aid or an alarm clock, shield yourself with shungite on your nightstand.

You should always store your electronic devices in a designated area. Put them in small storage bins in your closet, or place them on a shungite mat. For optimal toxin shielding, stick a piece of shungite to the back of your cellphone and computer. And don’t forget to put your cell phone on speaker mode when possible!

Heal With Shungite in 4 Simple Steps


If you suspect you suffer from toxin overload, meditating with shungite for 15 minutes each day will protect you. Give this exercise a try:

Step 1: Take slow, deep breaths until you feel relaxed. Lie down in a comfortable position and place a piece of shungite on the joint or body part that ails you. If you frequently use your cellphone, place your shungite stone on the side of your head where you take calls. Laptop users might put shungite on the solar plexus, abdomen, and upper thighs.

Step 2: With your eyes closed, continue to take deep breaths. You might see random shapes and colors, which is your brain compensating for the lack of stimuli. If your mind wanders due to these images, redirect your attention to the area causing you discomfort. (You may feel the stone begin to warm up, too. That’s a good sign!)

Step 3: Picture a cluster of black particles being vaporized by shungite’s energetic field. Alternatively, imagine yourself reaching into the affected area of your body to take out the toxins and deposit them inside the stone. This should relieve tension and pain in the affected areas. 

Step 4: Close the exercise with a healing affirmation such as “I am healthy, strong, and powerful,” or, “I am not defined by illness.” Afterward, cleanse your shungite stone with warm water.


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