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Addicted to Social Media? Tips to Survive Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Others

social media

If you find yourself ‘Pinterest’-ing your Twitter, ‘Flickr’-ing your Google+, ‘Meeting Up’ into your Tumblr, or ‘Instagram’-ing your Facebook – you know you’re a serious addict – so this one is for you. And I completely understand how it goes… Let the Vortex Begin Sucking You In… You are just about to log off – […]

Relationships and Dating Should Be About Choosing – Not Being Chosen


There’s no denying the stroking of the Ego and sense of slight gratification you get when someone is attracted to you. The comfort of knowing someone sees something special in you, shares your perspectives, brings you pleasure with their company…this affirmation and attachment brings forth a sense of exhilaration that is one of the wonderful […]

Don’t ‘Dis’ Your ‘Appointment’ with the Higher Self: 5 Tips to Master the Soul

Higher Self

The Higher Self is the aspect of ourselves that many of us concentrate on becoming, and mastering The Soul is a part of the path to enlightenment. The Soul itself is a nurturing force that directly helps us become connected with our authentic, Higher Self that we ascribe to be. Here are some ways to […]