The Best Pendants For People With Celtic Ancestry


Roughly 3 million Americans have Celtic ancestry today, Pew Research reveals. Celtic ancestry typically refers to Irish, Scottish and Welsh cultures. Since ancient times, the Celts have held symbolism in high regard and consider it to represent the recycling of life — in all the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. If you have Celtic ancestry and are looking for a suitable pendant, you have plenty of options to choose from. The Celtic spiral, Triskelion, and Triquetra are ancient Celtic symbols incorporated into pendant designs in order to raise your vibration and help you move forward on your soul’s earthly journey.

Galactic vortex rose quartz with citrine amulet

Rose Quartz w/CitrineThis soothing stone is perfect for Celts who need some help in the love department — whether they’re looking for romance, healing from heartbreak, or on a journey to find true self-love. It’s a beautiful amulet featuring an ancient Celtic spiral, which facilitates healing. In the center of the rose quartz torus, you’ll also find an authentic trillion-cut citrine crystal (backed by a small magnet) — this stone promotes greater prosperity, creativity, and clarity. The Celtic spiral helps you progress forward on your healing journey as you work through to the center stone and discover and connect with your true higher self. The amulet also activates both the heart and throat chakras as it encourages you to discover greater truths about your heart’s wants and desires, as well as vocalize what you find.

Rainbow labradorite with opal – triskelion amulet

Triskelion AmuletThis beautiful amulet features the triskelion — a popular Celtic symbol that represents manifestation and regeneration. It’s a stunning piece of Celtic-themed jewelry, which suits people with Welsh ancestry in particular. For the Celts, the triskelion (also sometimes known as a triple spiral) symbolized three separate deities worshipped simultaneously, as well as the progression of life from past to present to future. The amulet also features labradorite and opal stones for their strong healing and soothing properties. Additionally, the Wegel Tena Ethiopian opal at the pendant’s center provides hope and inspiration, as well as facilitating meditation, spiritual visions and psychic abilities. Labradorite’s colorful rainbow hues work to awaken your inner fire qualities and boost willpower, determination, and commitment. It’s also a powerful shielding stone, which can cleanse and transform negative energies into lighter, positive ones. Ultimately, this amulet can help you embrace spontaneity and creativity, and discover a stronger connection with your higher self.

Triquetra labradorite with green mystic & clear quartz amulet

This triquetra labradorite amulet will suit Celts looking to heal in mind, body, and spirit. The triquetra, also known as the trinity knot, traditionally represents love and affection in Ireland. It’s also an ancient sacred symbol that represents the three-fold nature of our existence (similar to the meaning of the triskelion symbol). This beautiful amulet also features labradorite, with its beautiful rainbow hues and a strong connection to the divine. This stone is intended to help you navigate any changes and challenges you’re currently experiencing, including past life issues. The amulet also features center-set clear crystal quartz, which will cleanse your entire chakra system, leaving room for only positive energies. This amulet is ideal for anyone looking to clear the mind and connect with the higher self.

This beautiful collection of amulets will suit people with Celtic ancestry wanting to facilitate healing in mind, body, and spirit. The powerful ancient Celtic symbols (the Celtic spiral, triskelion, and triquetra), combined with the healing stones, work together to facilitate rapid transformation, healing, and change. If you’re looking for a pendant to compliment your Celtic ancestry, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.


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