The Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry – Are you Ready for a Paradigm Shift?

Fruit of Life

Fruit of LifeThe ‘holy of holies,’ the portal for transitioning between dimensions, and one of the most powerful symbols in sacred geometry is the Fruit of Life. Composed of 13 circles, the Fruit of Life represents the female movements of creation. This symbol can be connected by 78 lines representing the male movements of creation to create Metatron’s Cube, believed to be the most fundamental shape of the creation process. We purport that by focusing on the individual spheres of the Fruit of Life as practical principles that promote transformation of one’s conscious, subconscious, physical, and spiritual realms, that one can access all possible dimensions of the universe, freeing themselves from the barriers of the 3-dimensional realm and the physical body.

Awakening to Your True Nature with the Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry

While you can create and alter any step or its order in the pattern to better suit your journey, we recommend working through the ‘steps’ in a clockwise motion leading to the center sphere — the portal to the ultimate transformation that will prepare you for the pending paradigm shift in global consciousness.

1. Discover Truth

The first sphere calls upon you to become conscious and embrace your truth and the nature of  your essence as an immortal being of love and light. Many of us become blind to our truth as we are conditioned and indoctrinated by religion, our family, and occult programming such as mind-bending television. Reclaim YOUR truth, allowing nothing but your Higher Self to guide you towards re-discovering your loving self.

2. Self Love

Accepting your ‘truth’ allows you to accept your strengths and weaknesses, bringing about a greater sense of self love — a ‘must’ for those working through the shift. Often, we are harder on ourselves than we are with others, so give yourself a break and love who you are, so you can love others as well. Self love can be challenging as we try to break old habits, so be patient, as this step can take a while to master.

Fruit of Life3. Love for the Collective

Unconditional love for yourself opens the doors wide open for you to accept others in a loving way. We are all part of the collective, and our energies continually manifest our ‘reality.’ Each interaction you have with others serves as a learning opportunity, and there are no ‘accidents’ concerning those we come in contact with. Troubled times, troubled individuals, and perceived ‘problems’ exist for a reason. Going through these experiences is vital to the process of gaining wisdom for divine transformation.

4. Personal Accountability

The struggles along the journey are very real — at least in our perspective they are; however, don’t allow yourself to go into ‘victim’ mode when the path seems obscured or when others attempt to veer you off course. As a conscious creator, one must be accountable for their actions, thoughts, and words that ultimately effect the collective. Be mindful of each lesson that comes your way while also addressing those of the past. Take your part of the responsibility, and allow it to help you progress through the Fruit of Life’s spheres.

5. Gratitude

You’re almost halfway to the goal and experiencing a major paradigm shift. Pat yourself on the back and be grateful that you’ve found this path, and be thankful for those in the physical and spiritual realms who guide you through the journey.

6. Apply ‘Knowledge’

You might ask, “What can we ever truly KNOW?” Honestly, I’m not sure we ever can know anything for certain beyond our own personal experiences and our sense of oneness with Source. Through these experiences we gain insights and wisdom, which can be used to transform ourselves and manifest our deepest desires. Remember sphere one, and understand that your ‘truths’ will change and evolve, as the ego lets go and soul takes over bringing forth wisdom. Knowledge also allows one to shield from negative energies that may impede progress while working through the Fruit of Life’s spheres to freedom.

7. Healthy Mind & Body

Now, of course it’s wise to start the journey in good physical health, as the emotional and spiritual journey can be taxing. Part of discovering your truth and self love likely involved some transitions in the way you care for yourself, but if you’re in poor health, you may want to prioritize this step.  At the halfway point of working the Fruit of Life’s steps, consider taking a getaway (even a day trip or spa retreat is helpful) to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit, giving you the energy and more ‘wisdom’ of the soul to take your journey to the next levels.

8. Unity

You’re progress along the spheres has allowed you to more wholly understand your connection with source — a culmination of the divine energy of the collective. The realization of this wholeness brings you closer to the God/Source within, the all-one concept of our existence, and a greater sense of your perfection in the eyes of your all-seeing higher power. This wisdom promotes higher vibrational frequencies and manifestation abilities, so that greater abundance is just around the corner.

9. Prosperity

While we are often conditioned to believe that ‘doing without’ things is a normal part of life, there’s no need for ‘lacking’ when you can manifest abundance. However, doing this requires us to free ourselves from things that are harmful and don’t promote prosperity or serve our Higher Self. Negative friends, poor eating habits, smoking, alcohol, and stressful working conditions can play a large role in impeding abundance on the spiritual quest. Eliminate and revamp the way you live and eat and get what you want out of your earthbound journey.

10. Liberating Choices

Fruit of LifeOnce you work for the step of Prosperity, you’ve likely had to use your ‘truth’ to make some hard choices concerning letting go of things you once considered important. At this point, you may want to look deeper into some of your choices and begin educating yourself about alternatives that are empowering for you and beneficial for the collective and Gaia. Consider removing television from your life and other unfruitful technology. Try to utilize the internet for organic, positive purposes such as ‘assisting others,’ educating yourself about sustainable living practices, and explore spiritually uplifting practices such as yoga, energy healing practices, and promoting love and goodness. Liberate yourself from low vibrational influences.

11. Empowerment

“I forgive and open the door to my greater good” is a beautiful affirmation that truly empowers the soul. Once you’re liberated from distractions and wholly focused on personal transformation, be prepared to go through some tremendous realizations about your self and others; however, forgiveness is key to empowerment, as well. As you prepare to experience the ascension process, wake up each day with your personal affirmations (positive “I am” statements) and proclamations, which are your personal high-vibrational messages to the universe to further activate your co-creative abilities.

12. Ascension

When activated, the Ascension process affects every aspect and layer of a person’s essence. The mind, body, and spiritual structures experience an acute transformation as they evolve to prepare one for a higher level of consciousness. Ascension is a change in frequency — an integration with Source — and dimensions are based on vibration, each having a range of frequencies that create the experience or ‘reality’ within that realm.

Because anything within a dimension must resonate at or above that realm’s vibrational frequencies in order to ‘exist’ there,   as we raise our frequencies, the ability to experience true ascension is within possible. This heightened awareness returns wisdom, knowledge, and a connection to divine aspects of the Higher Self which have possibly been dormant for thousands of years. Many believe that those who reject this process will not be able to survive in this realm after the occurrence of the paradigm shift of the ‘new world.’

13. Enter the Portal to Freedom

Once the 12 cycles are complete and one is ‘awakened’ to their true nature as an immortal being and wholly aware of their oneness with the all-encompassing presence of Source, they can experience true freedom and enter the portal of the 13 spheres. The number 13 is believed to be the key to unity and transitioning between dimensions and other worlds. Each step along the journey raises your vibrations and frequencies to open the door to the portal!

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