The Robot-self and the Art of Turning off the Stories

The Robot-self

I have always been drawn to houses and buildings with lots of window, lots of glass. I later realized that this appeal was really based on the transparency effect, which gave me the opportunity to see what’s on the other side of the window or glass.  It was the necessary for me to live in a home with lots of light and lots of windows which allowed the light to then shine in. I never really cared for curtains or shades but only in those moments of practical necessity.

My next fascination is entrance ways and pathways and trails in nature, cave entrances and bush covered portals. I imagine that this is about curiosity; my need to know what lies beyond the mystery of the entrance or path or bushes, where does it all lead. Because of this curiosity as a child I continuously got in trouble for getting home late from school (in Jamaica) because I was off exploring. I was always driven by this need to know what lies beyond the veil.

It is evident that this is symbolic of my now deeper quest; rummaging through the dark and light corridors of my own mind, my subconscious mind, my robot self and my expansive timeless self. Little by little I see more and understand more which then drives me to this insatiable desire to discover more. All concepts about reality are streaming through those filters; regardless of what I am told I know that my experiences and engagement with reality is based on what I do know just as much as what I don’t know. So we must then ask the question; what have we told ourselves? What limiting conclusions are we living by?

The Robot-self

How clear are your filters? It is apparent that every facet of our lives holds relevance as it relates to a belief; crystalized ideas formed about who we are in relationship to the world around us. With the incessant streaming of random and intentional thoughts moving through our minds, several layers of thinking occurring at the same time; harassing, terrorizing and judging; it leaves us consumed by the robot mind. The main drive of the robot-self is survival. We are masters at masking ourselves on the outside though a camouflage of words strung together to disguise any sign of this unsettling mind chatter; mainly a string of random data. While this has been a necessary part of the human experience it blinds us from the still observer watching from behind our eyes.

In every moment there is something new being gathered, it’s about discovering the transparency of your circumstances. Otherwise we find ourselves caught in the face value of our experiences. This leads to much of the illusionary dilemmas we face as we struggle to resolve problems. Most often we find that the problem appears to be much too dense for us to see through or at least that’s our perception when the situation is taken at face value. To know that all of our stories represent an unfolding discovery can perhaps prepare us to soak up the transformation being offered by the experience. All experiences create some sort of transformation.

The Robot-self

For although we are linked to data derived from the history of the original inception of the human experience we now have an opportunity to activate more deeply the transforming frequencies of that data. As humans we view ourselves as being highly evolved in comparison to our predecessors. There have been numerous variations of humans on the planet and we carry the history of incredible evolution to extreme devolution; swinging from a formless experience to taking human form and experimenting and creating the ideal body. This is a highly complex body system programmed for time release activation based on individual and collective evolution.

As we move about our lives and are faced with fluctuating emotions…some challenging and some joyous; let us remember the multiplicity and multidimensionality of our existence. Who we are in each moment is fluid, ever changing despite the static appearance. Fooled by our fixation on the illusion of being glued to our lives; feeling that someone else is pulling the strings leaving us at the mercy of the gods. Yes we are left to the mercy of ourselves (the gods) on a higher plain of our master self. As an individual you are one and many simultaneously; sort of high level technologic schizophrenia. We believe that we are one personality, one character in operation but we; you, me have different aspects of our “selves” or characters appearing according to their emotional strengths. Different aspects of us take over in the management process of the various stories we become involved in.

It is the reason that when you observe yourself in the mirror throughout the day you look different sometimes from moment to moment. Who is it that’s present? Which aspect of you is present and what stories does that part of you seem to be drawn to. The expansiveness of who and what we are is mind blowing. The robot-self mix and matches the data of thoughts to be streamed by tapping into the subconscious mind as it relates to the character and story. It is why we at times are both shocked and amazed at the choices we make and the times when we seem to act “out of character”. That’s because it was precisely that, a different character of us. It is how we stay balanced and not go completely into the chaos of madness as sometimes occurs in others.

So as your stories show up discover “what’s your window or glass” or better yet treat your stories as windows, glass, cave entrances, trails and bush portals. What’s behind the story, what is the evolutionary discovery being presented. Recognize when the robot is running the show. It’s easy to spot as there is always a survival mission with lots of strategizing and worrying. We are then bombarded with lots of whispers in our minds of the dangers ahead or of your deficiencies and desperate needs. On the outside the mask hides it all but on the inside the characters and the robot-self are hard at work helping the master “you” to step up and take charge. Every taunt, challenge, joy and pain is pushing us to find our way out from under.

The Robot-self

These are all mechanisms or tools incorporated into the human experience to express our greatness as the artist, the magician, a creator of the most splendid game called “being human”! In this game you are always a winner because we are all fully invested in the crystallization of our illusions. How incredible is that! You can pull the plug on your story at any time…just shut off the power supply to it…your judgment and your emotions. This is such a simple solution yet there is such an inner struggle to master this technique; the art of operating the holodeck. Perhaps take one story or challenge in this moment and work with it, and feel what life would feel like if you weren’t engaged in this story, then remind yourself that you exist in an ocean of options and possibilities. To remind our self that it is our thoughts our doubts, uncertainties and our desperations that fan the flame keeping alive these stories and challenges.

The fact is that we hold tightly to these stories as we struggle to find solutions. This becomes a vicious cycle for we fear that should we let go of worrying the problem will not be resolved. Yet this tight hold only serves to ensure the crystallization of these stories.   There is tremendous fear in letting go. To let go is to simply release the doubt, the judgment and the desperation. When you have done all that you “humanly” can and when the robot has run out of solutions then let go to that still observer. Find a reason to laugh even if your illusion is that you have nothing. That in itself is humorous, for we are fully invested in the illusion of lack and plenty. Laughter has the ability to deconstruct your story, for within those moments your focus is taken away from powering up your story. It allows you to stop thinking relentlessly about your challenges. This gives your brain an opportunity to receive the message from the still observer to reconstruct a new concept of reality.

Years ago I remember when my close friend and I were experiencing the story of lack, we would go to the restaurant and order the bottomless chips and salsa for $3.00 or so then we would ask for lemon and water…well we asked for several lemon wedges and we would use the sugar on the table to make lemonade, so we had chips and salsa and lemonade until we were ridiculously full. We thought it was the funniest thing; we laughed and had the best time. We felt light despite our illusion of lack, but that laughter and lightness would seem to shift our situation. No doom and gloom we simply found humor in our creativity as we found a way to go out and entertain ourselves. So stand still and let the illusion pass you by! Make your stories transparent, they are but windows and glass all around you. It is going to be ok, it is always ok. The way out is in you! No time like the present to just do it…NOW!

© 2015 Sonia Barret, All Rights Reserved.

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