The Law of Attraction: Finding Wealth and Spiritual Prosperity

Law of Attraction

Here’s a secret: a little daydreaming isn’t as bad as you think! Earlier, we discussed how the power of the spoken word can positively impacts our lives. Similarly, visualization is an excellent tool for achieving our goals, especially for anyone struggling with financial problems. The power of visualization rests on a simple philosophy called the Law of Attraction, which dictates like energy attracts like energy – and that visualizing prosperity will allow it to enter your life. Here, in just a few steps, you’ll learn how to tap into the Law of Attraction and find material and spiritual abundance.

Law of Attraction

1. Release Negativity from Your Life

William Walker Atkinson, founder of the school of New Thought, illustrated the power of the Law of Attraction in his writings. “I believe that ‘thoughts are things’,” Atkinson says in Thought Vibration, “and that the Law of Attraction in the thought world will draw one to what he desires or fears.” Observing Atkinson’s philosophy, it’s apparent that our thoughts control the energy, people and events we attract into our lives. Today, give yourself the simple task of being more aware of your thinking. Do you support or work against yourself? Let go of pessimistic thoughts – and people. Surround yourself with others who support your financial and vocational goals.

2. Identify Your Goals – And Focus!

Whenever you have anxiety about paying your bills, take control by writing down at least one goal that will get you closer to prosperity. Focus on finding a balance between want and need. Being excessively materialistic will only attract negativity that will harm you, especially if you’re already in a state of financial crisis. Instead, think about what will bring you to a place of stability, whether it’s a raise or finding a new roommate to pick up the slack on your bills. List out several goals you have in mind on a piece of paper. Place your list somewhere visible – on your mirror, on your wall or on your desk – as a reminder to keep focused. You can also try hanging up a picture to symbolize your goal.

Next, take just twenty minutes each day to visualize yourself achieving your goals. Here is a simple, effective visualization exercise you can try:

  • First, relax your mind by relaxing your body. Burn incense, take a walk, or listen to spiritual music.
  • Next, choose one goal from your list that you want to focus on today. Sit in a calm, quiet space free of distractions. Breathe deeply and evenly.
  • Before you begin visualizing, identify what you’re feeling as you think about your goal. Does the idea of trying to achieve your goal make you apprehensive, or are you hopeful? If your thoughts are fear-based, reassure yourself with a mantra like “I’m capable of success.”
  • When you feel calm and positive, begin visualizing your goal as if you’ve already achieved it – this is highly important. Focus on envisioning the details of how you would react to your success, what you would be saying and wearing in the moment, and who you would celebrate with. Live within the dream as if it were already a reality – allow yourself to experience feelings of joy and triumph.
  • As you emerge from meditation, hold onto that sense of accomplishment and take advantage of it. Now, it’s easy to turn your positivity into motivation and get working on your goal.

3. Recognize that Money is Merely Energy

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that money is simply an abstract form of energy. When you feel worried about money, remember that you have control over yourself, your emotions and your destiny, and that money is merely a concept that can’t control you. Recognizing that money is a form of energy allows us to attract it with prosperous thinking. When we feel that we deserve money and work hard for it, wealth is destined to come our way. However, it’s fair to note that the Law of Attraction is not magic – it’s an extension of our own thinking, which means it will take time to manifest.

The Law of Attraction

It’s equally important to break free from our society’s universal obsession with money and security by focusing on acquiring spiritual prosperity. Be generous and warm to those around you. Donate a small amount of money to a good cause. Perform random acts of kindness from the heart. One day, your generosity will be returned to you tenfold. And spiritual prosperity, more than anything that money can buy, underlies true contentment.

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