The Law of Attraction: Finding Wealth and Spiritual Prosperity

Law of Attraction

Here’s a secret: a little daydreaming isn’t as bad as you think! Earlier, we discussed how the power of the spoken word can positively impacts our lives. Similarly, visualization is an excellent tool for achieving your goals, especially if you’re struggling with financial problems.

The power of visualization circles back to the Law of Attraction, which dictates that like energy attracts like energy – and that picturing prosperity allows it to come to you. Today, you’ll learn how to tap into the Law of Attraction and find material and spiritual abundance.

Law of Attraction

1. Release Negativity from Your Life

William Walker Atkinson, founder of the school of New Thought, illustrated the power of the Law of Attraction in his writings. “I believe that ‘thoughts are things’,” Atkinson says in Thought Vibration, “and that the Law of Attraction in the thought world will draw one to what he desires or fears.”

In light of Atkinson’s words, it’s apparent that our thoughts control the energy, relationships, and events we attract into our lives. Begin by giving yourself the simple task of being more aware of your thoughts. Do your words support or work against your desires? Let go of pessimistic ideas and the people who constantly enforce them. Surround yourself with spiritual allies who support your financial and vocational goals.

2. Identify Your Goals – And Focus!

If you have anxiety about paying your bills, take control of your emotions by writing down at least one goal that will get you closer to prosperity. The key is to focus on striking a balance between what you want and what you need. Being excessively materialistic is a negativity trap, especially if you’re already in a state of financial crisis.

Instead, think about what may bring you to a place of spiritual and financial stability, whether it’s a small raise, finding a new roommate, or learning how to budget. List 1-3 areas for improvement on a piece of paper. Next, put your list somewhere visible – on your bathroom mirror, on your bedroom wall, or over your desk – as a reminder to stay focused. As the old saying goes: out of sight, out of mind.

Next, imagine yourself achieving the most important goal on your list. Try this 4-step Law of Attraction meditation:

  1. First, relax your mind by relaxing your body. Burn incense, listen to soothing music, or massage your pressure points.
  2. Next, sit in a calm, quiet space free of distractions. Begin to take long, even, deep breaths.
  3. Before you start visualizing, identify what you’re feeling as you focus on your goal. Does the idea of success make you hopeful, or are you anxious? If you pick up on fear-based gut reactions, reassure yourself with a mantra like “I am worthy and capable of success.”
  4. When you feel calm and grounded, picture yourself living if you’ve already achieved your goal – this step is highly important! Envision your reaction to the good news, who you might celebrate with, and how your daily routine would change afterwards. Allow yourself to experience feelings of joy, triumph, and most importantly, gratitude.

3. Recognize that Money is Merely Energy

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that money is simply an abstract form of energy. Although we can hold money in our hands, it’s practically meaningless without the energy and meaning assigned to it

It’s normal to fear loss and financial insecurity. But remember: you have complete control over yourself, your emotions, and your destiny, and money isn’t your guiding light. It’s a tool that can help you reach your goals, but it isn’t the final destination.

Understanding that you can magnetize wealth in the same ways that you can magnetize good and bad energy can help you improve your finances, too. When you feel you deserve (not need) money, and you take the steps to earn more of it, greater wealth is always within your reach. However, be mindful that Law of Attraction isn’t magic. It’s an extension of your thinking, which means it takes consistent visualization and meditation to succeed.

The Law of Attraction

It’s equally important to reject society’s universal obsession with money by focusing on acquiring spiritual prosperity in equal measures. Be generous and kind to those around you. Paying it forward by gifting friends, family, and clients with small gifts or the cash they need helps open you to abundance. No matter how long it takes, your generosity will circle back to you.

Above all, don’t forget that your outlook on life and the worth you assign yourself influence not only how much you have, but how content it makes you feel.

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