The Unseen World


A dog whistle works by playing a single note that is audible to dogs but not to humans. Humans can hear sounds between 64 and 23,000 Hz, while dogs can hear sounds between 67 and 45,000 Hz. Cats can hear an even broader range of sounds, between 45 and 64,000 Hz. The larger numbers represent higher pitched sounds, and the lower numbers correspond to lower sounds. Different species of animals hear different ranges of sound. If a sound occurs at a higher pitch than the animal is capable of hearing, the animal cannot hear it with their ears.

If you were asked to describe the molecules on your dinner plate, you would be unable to do so. Molecules, atoms and subatomic particles are invisible to the naked eye. To view particles this small, you would need a microscope with specific properties. Before humans had microscopes, these particles were invisible to us.

Detecting the Unseen

There is an unseen world all around us. We can only detect the existence of certain things in the universe when they affect something around it. We cannot see the wind, but we can watch as tree boughs bend, and leaves flutter to the ground. We cannot see gravity, but we can discern that there is a force pulling dropped objects toward the earth.

It is helpful to think of these things when we consider the existence of vibration and energy fields. Quantum physics teaches us that the universe if made up of energy. The energy that makes up the universe is in constant motion and vibration. Everything around you and in you is vibrating. Every cell, every molecule, every atom within you, is vibrating at a frequency that you may or may not feel.

Unseen WorldThe Nature of Vibration

Vibration frequencies can change, just as frequencies of sound can change. As the frequency of a sound changes, the audible pitch gets lower or higher. Just as we manipulate sound frequency with our vocal chords, we can manipulate our own vibrational frequencies within our physical bodies. In addition, other people’s vibrational energies can affect our own vibrations, making them faster or slower. When we speak of psychic vampires, we are speaking of those who cause our vibrational energy to move at a frequency that is not conducive to feeling positive.

Have you ever entered a room and felt “not quite right?” Or heard someone say, “I’m not getting good vibes?” This is the result of a change in personal vibration caused by an exterior source. We can protect our vibrational energy. We can manipulate it in much the same way as we can modulate the vibration of our vocal chords to sing a melody. Learning how to control and enhance our own vibrational energy is one key to inner peace.

The universe is vibrating. You are vibrating. It is the nature of the universe to move and undulate. Energy itself is vibration. The earth, and all that is on it, including rocks, minerals, sand and sea, vibrate together in a symphony of movement and energy. Combining two elements; closing the distance between the waves of vibration, changes the shape and the form of the waves. Imagine a picture of a person encircled by lines that represent the vibration waves emanating from the chakras of the person. When another person enters that field of energy, emanating their own waves, the flow of energy is mutated.

Feeling VibrationFeeling Vibration

You may have felt this. Have you ever been attracted to someone, and when you’re with them, you feel more powerful, more sexual, more “alive?” In their presence, their waves are positively influencing your waves. Perhaps you accidentally touch. Their hand brushes yours as you both reach for the same object. You feel an electrical “jolt.” As your relationship progresses, you yearn to connect physically. You kiss, and waves of impulses move up and down your body. These are the tangible feelings of physical attraction that are manifested by the union of our vibrational energy. It creates a feeling of elation that we want to repeat. We seek out that person so we can be with them, and feel those tingles of positive energy again.

There can also be a different reaction to the presence of another being. You may feel uncomfortable around a certain person. The feeling can be subtle, like you can’t quite place it, or it might be quite potent. You may feel a strong repugnance to a person, a sense of foreboding or even fear. It may feel as if you have looked into their very soul and found it to be dark. You may find it difficult to look such a person in the eye.

A third reaction (though there are an unlimited range of reactions), is when you feel weak in another’s presence. This person is frequently someone whom we perceive to have power over us. It may be an employer, a supervisor, a spouse, a parent or even a child. This person may make you feel impotent or worthless. Their words of criticism may play over and over in your head. You may feel like they are always judging you. You may even make more mistakes when they are watching you, because they make you “nervous.”

Vibrational EnergyMutation of Vibrational Energy

In all these examples, your flow of energy has been changed. External vibrations from our surroundings, including people and “inanimate” objects, can and do affect our own vibrational energy. You may feel “nervous” around people who make you feel weak, but they are in fact actually weakening your vibrations, making you not only feel less powerful, but literally draining your power. You sense danger from certain individuals because they are dangerous. It’s not your imagination. Your vibrational energy is sensing true danger. And finally, you are indeed more powerful when you are in the company of someone whose vibrational energy meshes harmonically with yours. In this, the best instance of vibrational interaction, the waves of energy combine, intertwine and “marry” with each other in a dance that gives both of you more power, joy and the possibility of higher enlightenment.

On your journey, as you seek to enhance the health of your chakras, and the flow of your personal vibrational energy, you may falter. Life continues, even as we want to say, “Wait, stop. I need a minute to catch my breath. I need some time.” Life barrels on. You may wake in the morning, refreshed, ready to start anew. As you prepare for your meditation ritual, you feel joyous in the realization that today is a new day, and you are changed. But someone forgot to tell the rest of your family. The kids refuse to get out of bed for school; your husband is in one of his moods again, and the paperboy has thrown the news into the path of the sprinklers, certainly out of spite because of your phone call to his manager. Life does not give us a time out. You feel done before you even start.

Strength from Quantum Stones

This is the perfect time to draw on the power of your Quantum Stone. Your Quantum Stone, which is infused with the energy and power of earth’s vibration, can lend you strength when you feel depleted. You are never depleted in truth, however. But your chakra can be blocked by negative vibrational waves around you, and the energy does not always flow correctly. Your Quantum Stone helps to unblock that energy flow.

Use your Quantum Stone to not only help to open your chakra and let the energy flow, but also as a reminder that you are a work in progress. Let it remind you that you are worth the same as every star in the universe, and everything under the sun. You can be strong, you can be powerful, and you can be free to express your vibrational energy, even in the presence of those who would try to take it from you.

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