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Using Crystal Skulls for Purification and Increasing Psychic Powers

Crystal Skulls

Although many of us typically associate skulls with all things doom, gloom and death metal, crystal skulls have been going mainstream for the last few years, and with good reason: they’re changing the way we view this once macabre symbol and empowering us to heal and ascend. Crystal skulls have unique healing properties that combine […]

Happiness: it’s Who You’re With and How You See it


There’s something important I’ve deduced over the last several years while on my travels that I’m eager to share with my readers. Happiness: it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with and how you see it.Even if this seems like a relatively simple idea, it’s amazing how this concept can completely fly over our […]

Love Yourself First: Creating Healthy Relationships in a Superficial World

Love Yourself

In the last several years, websites like and have soared in popularity. Tinder and dating apps have blown up on social media. But relationship issues and loneliness are still more of a problem in our society than ever, and most of us continue to have a difficult time understanding the foundations of love. […]

December’s Full Cold Moon Brings Inner Peace and Prosperity

Full Cold Moon

This year, astrology fans receive a special gift on December 25: a full Moon appears on Christmas day for the first time in 38 years. The final full Moon (cold Moon) of 2015 is an extraordinary event that won’t return for almost two decades. Besides being a gorgeous spectacle to observe, the cold Moon allows […]

4 Tips To Crack The Inner Critic Script For Good

overcome your inner critic

If you find yourself repeating toxic patterns and making the same mistakes, look no further than your inner critic. Judgmental, anxious, and bitter, the inner critic mimics the voices of our bullies. More often than not, this pesky voice retells the same stories about you and your worth time and time again. Eventually, you become desensitized to […]

Shungite, the Miracle Stone: Healing Toxin Overload and EMF Exposure


It’s no secret that harmful chemicals are everywhere: electronics, drinking water, healthy foods, and even hair products, to name a few. Doctors won’t tell you that toxin overload can mimic chronic illness by causing brain fog, joint pain, stomach problems, anxiety, and skin problems. For chronic health problems with no discernable cause and low energy, […]

Neptune Turns Direct: Waking Up to Your Personal Truths

Neptune Turns Direct

On June 12, 2015, Neptune went Retrograde in dreamy, mysterious Pisces. ‘Rude awakening’ couldn’t describe these past five months strongly enough!  But on November 18, Neptune finally went direct in 7 degrees Pisces. The rest of November and early December will be all about emotional readjustments, getting real and staying grounded, no matter how tempting denial may […]

This is the End: Facing Your Fears and Accepting Death

Accepting Death

Thinking about our inability as a society to face death makes me turn back to the Kurt Cobain suicide conspiracy theories that have haunted the music industry for the last 21 years. Just recently, these theories have yet again resurfaced that Cobain’s death was a murder. These headlines are a reminder of how impossible it […]

Reclaim Your Personal Power: Conquering September’s Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

On September 28th, we’ll get a glimpse of the power of the stars when a total lunar eclipse turns the Moon crimson. This September’s rare Blood Moon in Aries has a fiery, powerful presence, and it’s bound to bring about incredible change. In fact, this event is so rare that it won’t happen again until […]