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Love Yourself First: Creating Healthy Relationships in a Superficial World

Love Yourself

In the last several years, websites like and have soared in popularity. Tinder and dating apps have blown up on social media. But relationship issues and loneliness are still more of a problem in our society than ever, and most of us continue to have a difficult time understanding the foundations of love. […]

Neptune Turns Direct: Waking Up to Your Personal Truths

Neptune Turns Direct

On June 12, 2015, Neptune went Retrograde in dreamy, mysterious Pisces. ‘Rude awakening’ couldn’t describe these past five months strongly enough!  But on November 18, Neptune finally went direct in 7 degrees Pisces. The rest of November and early December will be all about emotional readjustments, getting real and staying grounded, no matter how tempting denial may […]

Make a Wish! The Magical Rewards of 11:11 and Sacred Numerology


Have you ever heard a friend or an acquaintance say “11:11, make a wish!”? This popular phrase has been going around for years. But, have you ever wondered what 11:11 actually means, or why wishing on these numbers brings good luck? Curious about the 11:11 myth, I researched to find the answer. What I found […]

Getting Grounded: Transform Your Life with Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

As an intuitive counselor, I’ve worked with individuals who have harbored self-destructive feelings and a fixation on the past. In my practice, I discovered that Black Obsidian, a special stone formed from cooled lava, helps us look within to see where we need to heal and what we’re running from. In my case, meditating with […]

Balancing the Crown Chakra as the Universal Connector Center

Crown Chakra

Considered intrinsic to accessing one’s highest potential of dynamic thought, energy, spirituality, and enlightenment, the Crown Chakra is the center of the cosmic consciousness. It guides the inward flow of wisdom and enlightenment on both conscious and unconscious levels and is where one is said to connect with the cosmos and the Devine – it’s […]

Addicted to Social Media? Tips to Survive Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Others

social media

If you find yourself ‘Pinterest’-ing your Twitter, ‘Flickr’-ing your Google+, ‘Meeting Up’ into your Tumblr, or ‘Instagram’-ing your Facebook – you know you’re a serious addict – so this one is for you. And I completely understand how it goes… Let the Vortex Begin Sucking You In… You are just about to log off – […]

“Artificial Distractions” – Keeping You in the Matrix?

the matrix

If you’ve seen the Matrix trilogy, you’re familiar with the concept of ‘living in the matrix’, and the idea that this is ‘real’ is hotly debated and discussed within metaphysical and scientific circles today. For those not familiar with the films or the Hologram Theory, the premise purports that we live in an artificial fractal-holographic […]

Everyday Shamanism: Accessing the Healer Within


Several years ago, I never would have dreamed of calling myself a Shaman. But, after incorporating principles of shamanism into my daily routine, I’ve experienced how just about anyone can be a Shaman. After dealing with emotional trauma connected to illnesses and broken relationships, I looked into alternative healing methods in order to cleanse myself […]

Ophiuchus: 13th Zodiac Sign or Cosmic Celebrity?


Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius, shot to fame as the unofficial thirteenth sign of the Zodiac. For newcomers to astrology, understanding how Ophiuchus fits into the Zodiac wheel may be confusing, especially if your birthdate falls during the window of time that the “sign” rules ( November 29 to December 17). The question: should astrologers […]