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Exploring the Heart Chakra – What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Heart Chakra

Ever notice how some people are amazingly able to give and take love equally while others seem to only take, take, take and some just give love until they are drained like a lone coconut on a desert island with a dozen castaways? Finding that middle ground and becoming one who excels at both giving […]

Be Simple: 6 Philosophies For a Stress-Free Existence


In our fast-paced society, getting a breather is almost impossible — even when you are struggling for air. Today is the day to throw yourself a lifeline and recognize this simple truth: stress is created within the root of the mind. Believe it or not, you can re-frame your thinking and take back control from […]

Lucid Dreaming Stones and Crystals: Conduits to Wisdom in Sleep

Lucid Dreaming

‘Lucidity’ is a word that basically can be summed up as ‘awareness.’ In the realm of dreaming, lucid dreaming states are ones that you are aware of…unfortunately, many times that we are aware that we had the MOST amazing dream, but those memories can be elusive, slippery things. Meditating with dreaming stones and crystals before […]

Find Yourself: Mantras for Self-Discovery, Freedom and Joy

Mantras for Self-Discovery, Freedom and Joy

Our world is constantly evolving and constantly demanding that we, as a society and as individuals, evolve with it. Finding love and living an authentic lifestyle have become secondary to achieving professional success and financial security. Many of us become so immersed in our daily routines that over time, we lose touch with ourselves and […]

Find Your Passion, Change Your Life: Fire Crystals

Fire Crystals

Are you stuck in a rut and seeking change? Do you have ambition and drive, but little direction? If so, Fire crystals are perfect for you. These vibrant, powerful crystals increase our passions, heighten our drives, and allow us to set realistic, promising goals. Fire is a masculine element and stimulates our Heart and Solar Plexus […]

5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Energy and Vibration


Raising your vibrations, raising your frequency – terms we hear more commonly in this time of universal enlightenment – the practice isn’t quite as complex as quantum physics like it may sound. In fact, you can increase your physical and spiritual energy and vibration fairly easily through many practices with a genuine focus and intentions […]

Basic Types of Meditation – Altering Consciousness for Universal Receptivity


We hear the phrases ‘zoning out’ or ‘chilling’ and pleas for someone to just ‘take me away from all this’ often not realizing that that’s exactly what meditation is and can do – without need from an outside party necessarily. In its inception, various types of meditation were centered around religious teachings, practices, and beliefs […]

How to Meditate, Part 2


In “How to Meditate, Part 1,” we learned what how to get started with meditation, what meditation is, and isn’t, when to meditate and for how long. We also learned about Quantum Stones, and how they can help to open our Chakras, which are the energy centers of our bodies. Let’s continue the process of […]

How to Meditate, Part 1


Getting Started with Meditation There are a handful of ways to meditate, each of them derived from spiritual traditions. Within those traditions there are variations that are employed to suit the individual. But this all makes meditation sound more rigid and complicated than it is. For our purposes today, we will speak of classic Buddhist […]