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The Illusion of Time and Other Lies Disempowering the Masses

Time and Other Lies Disempowering the Masses

While there are no disempowering intentions here…introductory paragraphs are often illusions designed to draw you in. That being said, for this piece, let’s just get to the good stuff. The Lie of Truth From childhood you are taught ‘truths’ by your parents who have already been through their own process of programming. It is only […]

The Power and Meaning of Colors: Exploring the Rainbow of Life

meaning of colors

Everything emanates from white light – including the rainbow of colors we perceive all around us. The sun emits light of various wavelengths and frequencies, which our eyes translate as the visible color spectrum. Color rays are energy and each color carries a different wavelength. The amount of energy in a light wave is related […]

Psychic Housekeeping: How To Banish Negativity From Your Space

Psychic Housekeeping

The time for spring cleaning is just around the corner – but throwing out old junk may not be enough for a fresh start. When negative psychic energy accumulates within your home, you may feel easily tired, emotionally imbalanced, and struggle with maintaining relationships or holding down a job without realizing why. The answer is […]

Amethyst – Unlocking the Door to the Higher Mind

Amethyst - Unlocking the Door to the Higher Mind

Unlocking the door to the higher mind is made simple by using Amethyst during meditation. When placed upon the Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst clears out blockages in the mind that prevent you from connecting to your spirit guides and honoring the power of your intuition. This video shows you how to conduct a meditative exercise […]

Are You an Empath? Social Anxiety Could Be a Sign…

Social Anxiety

Accepting your role in a socially inclined world as an empath who picks up on others energies can be challenging. This is often particularly true for those on their ascension journey and seeking their path back to Source – a time when it’s essential to protect yourself from negative energies. I say this as someone […]

Exploring the Heart Chakra – What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Heart Chakra

Ever notice how some people are amazingly able to give and take love equally while others seem to only take, take, take and some just give love until they are drained like a lone coconut on a desert island with a dozen castaways? Finding that middle ground and becoming one who excels at both giving […]

Six Stress-busting Stones and Crystals for Anxiety Relief

stones and crystals for anxiety

Feelings of self doubt, bouts of cold sweats that resemble a spontaneous flu, and the urge to run from unexpected situations faster than a little kid holding a baseball bat outside of a broken window…most people experience such feelings at some point. Yet, those who suffer from daily anxiety are at higher risk for stress […]

Be Simple: 6 Philosophies For a Stress-Free Existence


In our fast-paced society, getting a breather is almost impossible — even when you are struggling for air. Today is the day to throw yourself a lifeline and recognize this simple truth: stress is created within the root of the mind. Believe it or not, you can re-frame your thinking and take back control from […]

Fifty Shades of Beauty: Unlock Your Inner Goddess With the Power of Tarot

Fifty Shades of Beauty

With all the hype surrounding ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, some fans of the series may be wondering how they can become bolder and sexier in and outside the bedroom. Whether you love E.L. James or find her writing horrendous, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ brings an important question to light: how can we, as women of the […]

It Came From Outer Space! Moldavite and Starseed DNA Activation

Starseeds and Extraterrestrials

Starseeds, or ‘Star People’, are extraordinary beings DNA from neighboring galaxies. By no coincidence, self-reported Starseeds have increased in the last 50 years. Starseeds come to Earth to spread their healing gifts, and our planet is in a growing state of crisis. But the Starseed must reawaken to his astral roots before he can make […]