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Everyday Shamanism: Accessing the Healer Within


Several years ago, I never would have dreamed of calling myself a Shaman. But, after incorporating principles of shamanism into my daily routine, I’ve experienced how just about anyone can be a Shaman. After dealing with emotional trauma connected to illnesses and broken relationships, I looked into alternative healing methods in order to cleanse myself […]

Herbs and Gemstones for a Healthy, Stress-Free Vacation

Stress-Free Air Travel

We all know that even the best laid plans can be thrown off by poor flying conditions, jet lag, and other health-related nuisances that accompany travel. The easiest way to combat traveler’s ailments and make the most out of your vacation is by utilizing natural remedies and powerful crystals to keep your immune system up […]

9 Herbal Teas and Supplements to Win at Weight Loss


If your weight loss journey has been marked by ups and downs, you’re not alone. Hormonal imbalances, pesticides in our food, and high levels of stress make it tough to keep off the pounds. Autoimmune diseases and chronic issues with our detoxification organs, like the liver and intestines, also affect body weight. If you’re doing […]

Psychic Housekeeping: How To Banish Negativity From Your Space

Psychic Housekeeping

The time for spring cleaning is just around the corner – but throwing out old junk may not be enough for a fresh start. When negative psychic energy accumulates within your home, you may feel easily tired, emotionally imbalanced, and struggle with maintaining relationships or holding down a job without realizing why. The answer is […]

Energize Water, Eradicate EMFs, and Harmonize the Body with Shungite

Shungite Pyramids

In the farthest reaches of northern Russia lies an ancient source of health and wellness in Karelia, and beyond meteorites, it’s the worlds only known source of natural shungite. With an extremely high carbon and fullerene content known only to be present in cosmic material, many believe that the healing benefits of shungite are truly […]

New Year, New You: Crystals for Addiction, Positivity and Renewal

Crystals for Addiction

With 2015 rolling in, you may have already found yourself struggling to commit to achieving your resolutions for the new year. Crystals are the perfect solution to finding the energy, motivation and positivity to fulfill your new year’s resolutions–once and for all. The soothing, therapeutic energy that crystals offer will help you kick addictions, lose […]

Celebrities That Eat Clay Welcome Old Concepts into Modern Holistic Health

Celebrities That Eat Clay

Headlines like these would have rarely popped up on a front page Google searches until the past few months when celebrities that eat clay like Shaileen Woodley and Zoe Kravitz decided to come clean about their dirty little health promoting habit. Shaileen Woodley Eats Clay Every Day “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars” actress […]

5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Energy and Vibration


Raising your vibrations, raising your frequency – terms we hear more commonly in this time of universal enlightenment – the practice isn’t quite as complex as quantum physics like it may sound. In fact, you can increase your physical and spiritual energy and vibration fairly easily through many practices with a genuine focus and intentions […]

Negative Energy: How to Protect Your Aura from Psychic Vampires

Negative Energy

Have you ever noticed how someone comes into your presence and seemingly drains all the positive energy and life out of you, even if they are only around briefly? These people, my friends, are what we call leeches or psychic vampires. Essentially, negative energy can come at you from predisposed thoughts and feelings you receive […]